Being a celebrity comes with its perks. You get to live in luxury and travel to all the beautiful and exotic places for work. 

Despite all the perks, plenty of celebrities have also claimed that there are also downsides to it.

As a person constantly in the public eye, it is difficult for them to keep their personal life private, and almost anyone can have an opinion about them. 

Their lives are speculated, and the "news" is spread without an inkling of the truth, resulting in some pretty absurd celebrity dating rumors.

The most recent victims of such stories are 'Wildest Dreams' singer Taylor Swift and Train To Busan South Korean actor Gong Yoo

The two stars were allegedly spotted having lunch together, giving rise to speculations that they were dating and working together.

Taylor Swift and Gong Yoo Spotted

The two celebrities are no stranger to international attention and speculation, but his meeting with Swift has surprised most fans.

It all started when celebrity gossip account Deuxmoi received a tip-off from a sender who wanted to remain anonymous.

They said that a friend who works as a server in an NYC restaurant saw Descendants of the Sun actor Jin Goo and Swift having lunch together last week. 

Deuxmoi's Instagram Story About Taylor Swift And Gong Yoo Dating (Source: Instagram)

However, the sender later corrected their statement, saying it was actually Gong Yoo spotted with Swift.

Although the server was not serving them, they were close enough to recognize both the stars. At first, fans thought it was work-related. 

Fans thought it was a potential project collaboration as Swift is currently re-recording her first six studio albums.

She recently released Red (Taylor's Version), and fans are looking for Easter eggs to guess whether 1989 (Taylor's Version) or Speak Now (Taylor's Version) will be released next. 

So far, Swift has only dropped clues and has mentioned nothing about the release date.

Since Taylor was recording her album and music video, fans thought Gong Yoo was making a cameo. However, there are also rumors that they are dating despite Swift's ongoing five-year relationship with Joe Alwyn

Gong Yoo's Agency Addresses Rumors

But before the rumors could escalate further, Gong Yoo's agency Management SOOP promptly denied the rumors involving the actor and the songstress.

On November 26, Management SOOP shared on their official website that the dating rumors of the duo were "groundless" and that they were "just rumors." The agency also revealed that the actor had not traveled abroad recently because of his hectic schedule. 

The actor is currently busy preparing for the premiere of his new, highly anticipated sci-fi thriller series, The Silent Sea, which will debut on December 24. He will be joined by actors Bae Doo Na, Lee Joon, Squid Game's Heo Sung Tae, and more. 

The series will be Gong Yoo's first appearance since 2016's Guardian: The Lonely and Great God and his recent cameo in Squid Game