Tara Reid was born on November 8, 1975, in Wyckoff, New Jersey, United States. Her first acting job came in the form of a TV game show titled Child's Play. Miss Reid was just six years of age during that time. 

In 1987, she was offered her big movie break in the American vampire movie A Return to Salem's Lot. However, the following year saw her reach another milestone in her young career when she was cast as Bunny Lebowski in the critically acclaimed 1998 movie The Big Lebowski

Her resume includes acting jobs in evergreen adult comedies like American Pie (1999), American Pie 2 (2001), American Reunion (2012). Reid was later seen working in the 2013 television film Sharknado, which was on air for five seasons between 2013 and 2018.


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In 2005, she hosted her reality travel show Taradise, which aired on the E! network. Unfortunately, the show ended after episode 14.

Viewers also saw her as a housemate on the 2011 British reality TV series Celebrity Big Brother 8.

Tara Reid's Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong

In 2004, Reid decided to have breast augmentation surgery and liposuction. While the first was performed to make her breast look more attractive, the latter was done to remove her belly fat and restructure her abs. At the time, this became the gossip of the town as the news was picked up by mainstream media.

Fast forward to two years, and American Pie Reid was the talk of the town once again. As of result of her bad plastic surgery, she looked disfigured and was subject to bullying.

In 2006, the much-talked-about actress was featured on the cover of Us Weekly with the headline, "My Plastic Surgery Nightmare."

In a recent article published by E! News, the online entertainment website wrote about her big 2006 interview with the weekly magazine.

As per the report, The Big Lebowski actress reflected on her damaged self-esteem after the plastic surgery went wrong. Further talking about body shaming, Reid told the magazine, "I was on the websites as having the ugliest boob job in the world." 

The once famed actress expressed feelings of devastation as the surgeries performed on her body led her to disfigurement.  

Reid Has Come To Terms with Her Body

The actress has lived in agony for more than a decade. However, she is understood to have come to terms with her body now.

Talking exclusively to E! News, the Sharknado star said she has learned "how to be happy" in her skin. However, she admitted that coming to terms with issues like this "takes time."


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"I'm very comfortable with my body now," a confident Reid told E! News. She further spoke powerfully about the matter, expressing her inner feelings.

In the interview, she claimed to be doing okay and that she was in a place in her life where she was happy in her own skin. 

In a separate interview with People, she was asked whether she would undergo any more surgeries in the future. Reid expressed her fears about getting surgery again.

"It’s like surviving a plane crash and getting on a plane again. [My stomach scars] are my battle wounds; boom, that’s it," she added.