After a year of their relationship, Sukihana and Kill Bill have parted ways. The American TV star, rapper, and actress threw her ex-fiance out of the house after their break up.

Recently, Kill Bill took to his social media to address the issue. In his Instagram story, the rapper called putting his house "in the [woman's] name" as the worst mistake of his life, as he is now thrown out on the streets. 

However, the Love and Hip Hop: Miami star responded with an Instagram story of her own, claiming she would never "publicly hurt the ppl [people]" she loves.

She further stated that she has "nothing bad to say" no matter what's being said about her.

About Rapper Sukihana

Sukihana met with success after the release of her Kodak Black remix, 'Kodak Snack' in 2017. She was born Destiny Henderson on November 15, 1991, in Delaware, United States.

Her well-known collaboration with fellow American Rapper Cardi B in the 'WAP' music video brought her more limelight. 

Rapper Kill Bill Proposed to Sukihana

As reported by BET on September 19, 2020, Kill Bill proposed to Sukihana during a live video session on Instagram. Her children witnessed as Kill Bill put a ring on her finger.

After getting treated like a queen, a delighted Sukihana couldn't hide her emotions as she told the live audience, who were watching the love unfold, that "I can't believe this is really happening like he just proposed to me."

"I can't believe I'm gonna [going to] be a wife. Oh my gosh," the rap queen spoke in amusement after getting engaged. 

Then Came the Break Up

Unfortunately, the lovebirds could not hold their love for more than a year, as on September 22, 2021, Sukihana announced her split from her fiance. She took to Instagram to make the announcement. 

In her post, she shared a message from her mother telling her to focus on her career and that her relationship with Kill Bill is "costing you your music career." 

The mother further wrote, "he's convinced that you only cared about Bill. This is a huge problem. I want to see you win." One could say that the relationship which started from Instagram ended on Instagram. 

Kill Bill Responds With a Series of Videos

In a video posted by hollywoodunlocked on Instagram yesterday, Kill Bill can be heard talking about Sukihana and the aftermath of their break up. He said,

I'mma [I am going to] treat you how you wanna be treated. I'mma [I am going to] do you how you wanna be done. I am [expletive] up your career. I'm [expletive] up that girl's career. Y'all [You are all] gonna [going to] watch the girl struggle.

The video started with Kill Bill saying, "This ain't about Suki. This is about the management team." However, he ended up speaking at length about his ex-girlfriend.

The former boyfriend followed his previous post with another video. In his monologue, the rapper seemed frustrated and broken.

He spoke to "all my beautiful black women out there," telling them to "learn how to stay silent" and "how to stay loyal" because life can be too much and can break them.