Since last year, The Kid LAROI has taken over the internet with his albums and collaborations. Recently, he dropped his new album and fans are loving the new songs.

The album contains some fascinating collaborations, including Justin Bieber and rappers Polo G and Lil Durk. On the other hand, fans were eager to meet a fresh face Stunna Gambino, who is featured on the song 'Not Sober.'

Here are all the facts we know about the up-and-coming rapper. 

How Did Stunna Gambino Get His Name?

Ever since he was a child, he used to be called a "lil stunner" by his friends and family. But, as he grew older, he dropped the 'lil' and went by 'Stunna' only.

Similarly, he adopted the 'Gambino' in his name after being inspired by the Gambino crime family. He was always interested in the Italian mafia and the Gambino family, so he named himself after them. 

How Old Is Stunna Gambino?

Gambino has never specified his age. However, many sites report his birthday is on October 11, 2001, making him 19 right now. 

How Did Stunna Gambino Get into Music?

Gambino got into music in an unconventional way. During his conversation with Talk of the Town, Gambino said that his older brother forced him to rap when they were younger. 

The rapper was basically bullied by his brother to get into music since he could do nothing unless he wrote a verse. Gambino's brother was actually the rapper of the family. 

So, Gambino received that extra push into the music industry. He started rapping when he was nine and took it seriously when he was 13.

But when Gambino started taking music seriously, he overthrew his brother from that pedestal and became the star of the family. He started going to studios and recording with the money he was given as his allowance. 

He was influenced by many rappers, but he does not have any specific artist as his role model. Instead, Gambino makes music according to his interest and whatever he vibes with. 

What Is Stunna Gambino’s Ethnicity?

Gambino is Dominican and Caribbean. He grew up in Washington Heights in New York City. Now, he is becoming the fastest-rising artist out of his city. 

What Is Stunna Gambino’s Gender Orientation?

Gambino is a straight cisgender male. He is currently in a relationship with a YouTuber named Chanel. The pair have been dating for over a year.

Recently, on August 2, 2021, they celebrated their first anniversary by flying over New York City in a helicopter. 

Stunna Gambino’s Recent Feats

Gambino rose to prominence in his hometown by remaining loyal to himself. With the release of his track 'Still the Same,' his musical flows initially took hold of NYC in late 2018.

Gambino did not let fame get into his head. In 2019, Gambino kept the pressure on and released his first album, Underrated, which featured the standout hit 'Switch Sides.'

By then, he had amassed a massive fan base. He also sold out his first performance at SOB’s right after the release of his first album. 

Gambino solidified his place in 2020 with songs like 'Rockstar From The Trenches,' remix of 'Rivals,' and 'Demons.' The latter was also promoted by Rihanna in one of her Instagram stories.

'Demons' has been streamed over 5 million times since the collaboration, making it Gambino's most famous song to date. He is only 19 but is turning heads and establishing himself as a star in New York's varied hip-hop environment.