Stephen Deleonardis, better known as SteveWillDoIt on YouTube, is known for his prank and challenge videos. 

As a member of the public pranks channel, NELK boys, he has done tons of prank and challenge videos, which has garnered him a huge fan base. 

On Novermber 27, 2021, the YouTuber uploaded "then vs. now" photos, and in the latest photo, he was seen holding his girlfriend, Celina Smith's baby bump. 

"I am officially becoming a happy dad," he captioned the post as he confirmed he and Smith were pregnant

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In the post, his close friends and fans left congratulatory messages 

In another instance, during the 2022 New Year, the YouTuber took to Instagram to wish his followers a Happy New Year. 

He uploaded a photo with his girlfriend, who was seen kissing the YouTuber on the cheeks,

StevenWillDoIt and his girlfriend Celina Smith

StevenWillDoIt's New Year photo of him and his girlfriend (Source: stevewilldoit/Instagram)

"2022 is gonna b the best year ever. It will be a movie we are gonna have 10010 new variants and aliens are gonna come. Happy New Year I love u guys," Deleonardis wrote in the caption. 

He also included the hashtag "happydad."

Stevewilldoit Uploads a Video of His Pregnant Girlfriend

Similarly, on YouTube, Deleonardis uploaded a video titled 'My Girlfriend is Pregnant! (BABY STEVE).'

The title led many fans to wonder, "Is stevewilldoit a dad?"

The vlog featured Deleonardis and his friends hanging out with 'Im An Island Boy' rappers Kodiyakredd and Flyysoulja. 

They played pool, and Deleonardis' friend Georgie participated in a rap battle with the Florida-based twin rappers.

In the last 5 minutes of the video, the YouTuber, Smith, and his friends were roaming around Mexico City.

SteveWillDoIt kissing his girlfriend, Celina Smith's baby bump

SteveWillDoIt kissing his girlfriend, Celina Smith's baby bump (Source: SteveWillDoIt/YouTube)

Before the tour of the city began, Deleonardis shared with the viewers that his girlfriend, who was spotted with a large baby bump, was pregnant. 

"All right boys now I'm in Mexico City and I am here with Celina, my baby mama and we are here is Mexico City to celebrate the pregnancy," said the YouTuber as he stroked his girlfriend's baby bump. 

He even bent down and kissed Smith's bulging stomach, and after that, they toured the city. 

However, towards the end of the video, Smith was about to indulge in a glass of wine. 

That's when Deleonardis revealed that the pregnancy was a prank and showed the artificial pregnant belly that Smith was wearing. 

Fans Are Confused About the Pregnancy

However, despite the YouTuber confirming that it was all a joke, some fans were still confused. 


A post shared by CELINA SMITH (@itscelsmith)

On February 27, during her birthday weekend, Smith uploaded a photo of her in a bikini posing on a yacht. 

She had a flat and toned belly, leaving fans to wonder when she had given birth.  

"That was a quick pregnancy," one user wrote while another one commented, "no clue if she was ever pregnant or not."

A third user asked, "where the baby bump at?"

Some users even suspected that Deleonardis might have forced Smith into getting an abortion as they are both at the height of their careers. 

It looks like these confused fans have not watched the YouTube video where it was clarified that the pregnancy was a joke.