Stephen Colletti and his ex-girlfriend Kristin Cavallari were once the 'it' couple of the entertainment industry.

The high school sweethearts were dating in the early 2000s. Their relationship, televised through MTV's reality show Laguna Beach, involved a love triangle with fellow co-star Lauren Conrad

Although the situation created a rift between Cavallari and Conrad, Colletti's romantic relationship with them ended after high school. Thereon, Colletti joined the University of Southern California.

Over the years, their relationship was almost forgotten, but it caught attention when Cavallari posted a picture of herself with Colletti on Instagram in August 2020.

The dim-lit selfie saw her cuddling up to the actor with her arms wrapped around him. 

In the caption, she posed a question, "2004 or 2020?" The photo became viral within moments after the upload.

Fans Think Kristin Cavallari and Stephen Colletti Are Dating Again!

Since Cavallari had announced her divorce with husband Jay Cutler just four months earlier, her fans and followers couldn't help but speculate he was dating Colletti again. 

That's not all. The duo's loyal fans flooded the post's comment section with hopes of reconciliation. "Get back together," one person wrote while another requested them to "bring this back together."

A third person commented, "When are you two getting married? That's the wedding picture we all wanna see! Love you two together." 

Was Stephen Colletti Dating Kristin Cavallari Again? 

Although the throwback picture had many believe they were dating, Colletti and Cavallari weren't back together. And the pair came forward to set the record straight.

In an interview with People in September 2020, the actress clarified they were just "really good friends." She also shared that she loved him to death and clarified that they were not dating. 

It turns out that they had been in touch since their run on the Laguna Beach ended and remained friends.

A month before, the 34-year-old told Brett Gursky that the viral photo had become one of her most-liked photo on Instagram.

She also shared that "it was really neat people were still so invested" in their relationship. 

Months after Cavallari came clean about the photo, Colletti also broke his silence on the viral speculation in a January 2021 interview with Page Six

In his own words, he was shocked because of the onslaught of attention. He even had to turn off his phone for the day. But he was also equally pleased by the positive response.

He acknowledged people could look back on the show, and have some fond memories of watching it, and even relate to their high school relationships.

Does Stephen Colletti Have a Girlfriend?

Colletti was invested in multiple romantic relationships in the past.

In 2006, he was reportedly dating Nashville star, Hayden Panettiere. They dated for a year. 

Then, he went out with fellow actress Chelsea Kane in 2011. They had worked together on Kane's music video and One Tree Hill. They broke up in 2013. 

Since the split, the 35-year-old has seemingly focused on his career. The information of his new girlfriend or a relationship hasn't yet surfaced.