NFTs are a relatively new concept, but they have already felt the wrath of many.

And when popular franchises or celebrities involve themselves in the world of digital collectibles, it becomes controversial. 

On December 14, the Twitter account of late comic book icon Stan Lee sent out a tweet promoting NFT inspired by Chakra The Invincible.

The Indian superhero, who debuted back in 2013, was created in collaboration with Lee.

The tweet stated that Stan’s 1st Indian hero, Chakra The Invincible, debuted in his own NFT from December 27 to December 29. 

A link also sent users to a website belonging to Orange Comet, a company that creates NFTs for brands and sports teams.

The website stated that the particular advertisement was done in honor of Lee’s 99th birthday. 

But in tweeting this, Orange Comet probably did not expect the immediate backlash. 

The Backlash against Stan Lee’s Twitter

Followers reacted quickly, calling the tweet irresponsible and disrespectful of Lee’s legacy and influence on popular art.

They also criticized Orange Comet for taking advantage of the late icon and using his account to cash in on the NFTS craze.

“Can’t believe Stan Lee came back from the dead just to promote an NFT,” replied popular YouTuber Dolan Dark.

Even dropped by and commented.

Famous Australian animator and voice actor Ross Kenry O’Donovan, also known as RubberNinja, responded. “Using Stan Lee’s account.. to sell NFTs.. wow.” he wrote.

In an older tweet, the voice actor had shared an instance where his friend had gotten his art stolen and sold as an NFT.

The friend tried getting it removed but to no avail and was ignored. 

And for reasons like this, NFTs have received a bad name and been labeled a scam by many.

NFTs have also been criticized for environmental degradation caused by the vast amounts of power required to create a single one. 

NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, are digital collectibles, usually in the form of digital art.

When buyers purchase it, they get a stake in the ownership of the digital good.

Fans will have to wait and see whether Orange Comet will backtrack and pull their place.

Stan Lee’s Death


A post shared by Stan Lee (@therealstanlee)

The superhero of Marvel Comics was 95 years old when he passed away on November 12, 2018. He passed away at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. 

According to reports, he died from cardiac arrest brought on by respiratory and congestive heart failure.

In addition, his death certificate stated that he was suffering from aspiration pneumonia, an infection brought on by inhaling food, liquid, vomit, or saliva into the lungs.

The death certificate also noted that no autopsy or biopsy was performed on his remains.

Lee helped create some of the most iconic Marvel Comics superheroes such as Spider-man, Fantastic Four, The Avengers, and X-Men, among many others.

Many loved him for his contributions, and he has been deemed a fixture in pop culture.