American actress Stacey Dash had a rough childhood growing up in the borough of South Bronx in New York. Her young parents — mother Linda Dash and father Dennis Dash — were drug addicts.

Because of their addiction, Dash never had a healthy family environment. So much so, she had to live with another family at the age of four. Unfortunately, she was physically abused by a teenager in the family and was silenced by his parents. 

Dash couldn't share the ordeal with her parents and moved ahead on her own. Then, when she was around 12, the former television host found out about her parents' issue with drugs.

She found her dad's kit and threw it in the woods, behind her grandparent's house. But her father was infuriated when he found about it and beat young Dash, forcing her to bring the tools back. 

Despite her troubling childhood, Dash focused on her career and eventually forgave her parents. 

Stacey Dash and Her Parents

Dash clearly didn't get the support and love she wished she had from her parents, from who she got her Mexican and Afro-Bajan ethnicity.

In an interview with the Fallen State in July 2018, the Bronx native admitted she didn't have a relationship with either of her parents. 

Her mother was the one who introduced her to drugs when she was sixteen. Following this, Dash suffered from addiction and existential crises. She was even admittedly suicidal. 

Things only turned worse when Dash got into an abusive relationship. Her then-boyfriend reportedly beat her, punching her on the chest, legs, and every other part that could be covered. 

She was still in the same traumatic space when she left her abuser and got pregnant with musician Christopher Williams's child. She was on the verge of getting an abortion.

However, the responsibility of motherhood turned over a new leaf in her life. Dash gave birth to her first child, Austin Williams, on October 29, 1991. 

Stacey Dash Forgave Her Mother and Father 

Just a day before her son's birth, Dash talked to her father for the first time in years and the last. In the aforementioned tell-all interview, she mentioned he had overdosed and was taken to a hospital. 

Just before he took his last breath, the father-daughter duo had a brief yet heartwarming conversation.

Her father's untimely death made Dash angry and obviously sad. She confessed she was furious because he chose drugs over her but claimed to understand that he had an illness. She also stated she had forgiven him.

Then, the talented artist also talked about her mother and recounted they had a mommy-daughter moment just before she died in November 2017.

Dash mentioned she was grateful that she forgave her mom on time and could have a proper relationship with her, albeit for a short time.

The mother-of-two even mentioned that she learned values, integrity, loyalty, and hard work from her childhood struggles.