Sofia Carson is one hot name right now.

The multi-hyphenated artist is making headlines after the release of her Netflix movie, Purple Heart, in which she worked alongside Nicholas Galitzine. Their chemistry is one of many things that the fans are picking up on.

Her love songs, too, contribute to the rise in queries about her dating life. But, Carson has never been the one to need heartbreaks to write about one.

Sofia Carson’s Love Songs Do Not Require Boyfriends

Carson started her career in songwriting when she was just a teenager. By the age of 15, she was already being asked by music producers about her songwriting prowess.

During an interview with Coveteur in 2017, she remembered a funny story about how a professional songwriter was surprised by her ability to write intense lyrics.

According to her, a top LA producer was making her work with a writer, and after a session or two, the writer walked out of the studio and asked her mom if she had ever had her heart broken.

Her mom replied, "I don’t think so… She’s 14 years old. I don’t even think she’s ever dated anyone." To this, the writer responded with, "Wow, she writes as if she had her heart destroyed."

Carson admitted she had always been able to churn out "really emotional, really dark love songs" even though she had never even kissed a boy at that age or even had her heart broken. She was terrified of feeling those.

'Ins and Outs,' one of her best hits released in 2017, was about her fear of falling in love. "The song, to me, is about finding strength in vulnerability, and looking the person you love in the eye and telling them, ‘You can tell me all of your ins and outs," she told the magazine.

But by the time the interview took place, she had experienced both — romantic bliss and heartbreaks. So, one thing is certain — she has definitely had a boyfriend in the past, although this has been as far as she has ever gone while revealing things about her love life.

Sofia Carson’s Dating Rumors

Despite Carson's attempts at keeping her dating life a secret, the internet is very good at connecting dots, even if sometimes the dots are never there to begin with.

The first example of this was speculations about Carson's romance with Manolo Gonzalez Vergara, Sofia Vergara's son. The two have been linked since the actress broke into the scene all those years ago.

Sofia Carson with her rumored boyfriend, Manolo Gonzalez Vergara, in December 2016.

Carson with her rumored boyfriend, Manolo Gonzalez Vergara, in December 2016. (Photo: Sofia Carson/Instagram)

In 2016, the rumors began as she posted a picture with him on Instagram. Then, in 2018, he uploaded a cute video of him doing squats while carrying Carson on his shoulders.

Fans apparently had found enough things in these two posts to speculate they were a thing. The two, however, have never addressed if they were dating.

Other than these, some people on the internet are recently hypothesizing about her and Galitzine's relationship. Their chemistry, which she admitted developed "immediately" before the movie began shooting, has fans forming theories about how they are a thing and could become one in the future or opining that they should be a thing. 

Nothing on this speculative romance from either of them yet.