Corey Taylor has gotten inked quite a few times over the years, but you'll never see him with a tattoo on his face. 

During a sitdown with GQ, the Slipknot vocalist confessed that he would never get a face tattoo because he considered getting a face tattoo akin to getting a nipple piercing. But, in time, it will make you look like one of those notebooks from back in high school, or so he said. 

The conversation set around the songster's tattoos also explored a few other tidbits of trivia. So, without further ado, let's jump right into it. 


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Corey Taylor Doesn't Have Any Slipknot Tattoos

Right off the bat, the most surprising nugget of information dropped during the tattoo tour was that Taylor, to this day, remains as the only member of the original band that does not have a Slipknot tattoo.

He did not go into why he never got around to getting the iconic logo inked on him, but he did reveal that he has a lot of "S" tattoos. The closest thing that Taylor has that represents his band is the very first tribal S tattoo ever made. 

Joey Jordison, the drummer and one of the founders of the legendary metal band, had just come up with the design for the band, and Taylor was so impressed by it that he decided to put it on his arm forever. 

Immediately after he got his hands on the design, Taylor went to a local tattoo parlor and got inked on his right arm. Interestingly, while Taylor is the only band member without the Slipknot tattoo, he is also the only band member with the tribal S tattoo. 


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Corey Taylor Inked His First Tattoo on Himself

Taylor also revealed that the first tattoo he got was the one he inked on himself. When he was in his grandmother's house, he found himself a needle and some Indian ink. He added,

Me and my friends would just sit there and we would give ourselves these crappy little tattoos.

He kept the tattoo right up until he got his first "real" tattoo when he was 19. Taylor shared that the meaning behind his coverup tattoo was "some savage early '90s garbage" that he would rather not disclose to the outlet. This one lives on his left arm.

Corey Taylor's Tattoos Have a Theme

Further along in the interview, he revealed that the first "cool" tattoo that he ever got, besides his chest tattoo, was the Heath Ledger tattoo placed right below his left bicep. 

He loved the tattoo because of how detailed and vibrant it was, even though the tattoo was about 12 years old at the time of that interview. 

Taylor also outed that the most painful tattoo that the Slipknot vocalist ever got was on his chest. The tattoo has two sides: a gray side and a white side to represent the moon and the sun, respectively. 

It was meant to be like the Yin & Yang, a struggle between light and dark, which is a theme that runs through most of the vocalist's tattoos.