Skai Jackson is a 19-year-old actress who rose to prominence after her portrayal of Zuri Ross in the Disney Channel sitcom Jessie and its sequel Bunk'd.

Also, a YouTuber and author, the New York City native, was included in Time's list of Most Influential Teens in 2016.

While Skai worked towards her career from a young age, her parents looked after her, especially her supportive mother, Kiya Cole.

Skai Jackson's Mother Explains the Actress' Journey

Speaking to Refinery29 in August 2017, Kiya recalled parenting her daughter while also helping her work in the modeling and entertainment industry.

"Skai got started when she was 9 months old," she shared.

"I was told by a couple of people that she was a cute baby. I had a job at the post office at the time. I decided to give it a shot, and I sent her pictures into two modeling agencies that took babies."

Kiya shared that she eventually got a call from one of the modeling agencies two weeks later, and since then, her daughter has been working. 

"I never wavered about her going into the industry. At the time, the only thing I could think of is, 'Well, hopefully she can make enough money to go to college,'" the proud mother added.

Skai slowly emerged as one of the most renowned child actresses in the industry, having worked in numerous modeling, film, and television projects.


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In the same interview, the child actress' mother also shared that she witnessed her daughter absorb the pressure of fame and get used to the spotlight. In her own words, Kiya said,

But after the age of 18, it’s up to you. It’s all on you. I’ll still be there to guide her, but I’m giving her the tools and the steps now to make sure she’s able to handle her career on her own by the time she’s 20.

Skai Jackson Has Two Siblings

Skai was born to her mom Cole and dad Jacob and is of mixed ethnicity. She belongs to Afro-Honduran and African-American descent.

The actress also has two younger siblings, a brother and a sister, whose names aren't known in public.

According to Popbuzz, her parents are reportedly divorced; hence, Skai and her siblings are predominantly raised by Cole. Jacob allegedly acts as a co-parent and supports financially.

The Disney star has occasionally posted pictures with her dad and siblings on her social media, showing she maintains a good relationship with them. For instance, she posted a snap of herself along with her dad and two siblings to mark the occasion of National Sibling Day in April 2018.


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In the picture, her father carried the actress' brother and sister in his lap while Skai sat on her father's left side.

"You have siblings and I didn't know...btw not meant to be rude or offensive if it is," someone even commented, saying they were unaware of the actress' siblings.

The four in the picture looked adorable, as pointed out by several other people in the same comment section.