Simon Helberg and his wife Jocelyn Towne's marriage didn't have a typical beginning. There was no romantic proposal involved nor a stable relationship. 

Instead, the pair admittedly had a horrific engagement and even an awkward breakup before they tied the knot, all of which were depicted in Helberg's 2014 movie, We'll Never Have Paris. 

Simon Helberg and Wife's Love Story

Helberg and Towne almost didn't make it as husband and wife. The reason is the pair had been dating for a while when the famed actor realized she was the one for him. 

But unlike people who would plan a romantic proposal upon such realization, Helberg did quite the opposite. He dumped his girlfriend and broke her heart. 

"It's sort of embarrassing," Helberg confessed on the Late Show with David Letterman (as reported by Mirror.)

He explained his mindset of the time, stating, "I thought I would like to marry this girl, so first. I'm going to systematically destroy my entire life and our relationship and lie and ruin all my friendships."

Simon Helberg and wife Jocelyn Towne at the Screen Actors Guild Awards in 2017.

Simon Helberg and wife Jocelyn Towne at the Screen Actors Guild Awards in 2017. (Photo: Natasha Koifman's Twitter)

The 41-year-old admitted he had "freaked out" and reasoned his action. In his own words, he thought he had feelings for other people and believed he needed more of an exciting life rather than being a committed person. 

He regretted not realizing he had the perfect thing in his life. "I had the perfect thing but for whatever reason ... It was an exercise in self-destruction," he added. 

In the light of his silly action, Towne left the United States and moved to Paris. She met a new guy, a violin player, there. Meanwhile, Helberg had already realized his mistake and followed her. 

After staying in her apartment, he finally convinced Towne to return to the United States. And as soon as she came back, he wasted no more seconds to propose to her. 

"I proposed immediately on her return because I thought that if I can just trap her and force her to marry me that's the most romantic thing anyone could ask for," he hilariously mentioned in the interview. 

The proposal wasn't that great, and admittedly so. "It was a horrific proposal attempt by me," Helberg told Queen Latifah on her talk show in February 2015. 

Despite a messy start, Helberg and his partner finally found stability and trust in their relationship. The lovebirds have been going strong in their relationship since getting married in 2007. 

They have welcomed two kids into their family — daughter Adeline and son Wilder. 

Simon Helberg Made the Movie with Wife

Helberg wrote a script for his 2014 movie, We'll Never Have Paris, based on the horrendous proposal and breakup before his real-life wedding. 

Simon Helberg(left) and wife Jocelyn Towne after the screening of 'We'll Never Have Paris' in 2015.

Simon Helberg(left) and wife Jocelyn Towne after the screening of 'We'll Never Have Paris' in 2015. (Photo: Simon Helberg's Twitter)

But when he started composing the script, he had only discussed the plans with his friends and not his wife. So when he finally told her about his project, she was not very supportive of the idea. 

She reasoned she hadn't even told her parents about the proposal because it was embarrassing. Her hesitation, however, faded eventually, and the married couple teamed up to create the film.

Helberg wrote the script and portrayed the lead character while Towne directed the movie. "I think it became cathartic," Helberg recalled the production during a sit-down with Interview magazine.

He also remarked the film was an unusual circumstance to relieve the "emotionally awful, draining, embarrassing moments" they went through.

Fellow actors Alfred Molina, Melanie Lynskey, Maggie Grace, and Zachary Quinto starred in the movie.