Jason Ritter and Melanie Lynskey announced they were engaged on Hollywood Today Live in February 2017. Prior to getting engaged, the two had been dating for four years.

Lynskey had also revealed that Ritter proposed to her while they were on the sofa and she wasn’t expecting it at all.

Following their engagement, there has been no news of the two tying the knot and it’s not known if they are married or not. However, she began calling Ritter her husband, starting in 2020.

In October 2019, Lynskey had taken to Twitter to make a tweet where she clarified she never called him her husband as they were not married: “Ugh. Meanwhile, Jason is constantly referred to as my husband even though I never call him that, because we’re not married.”

Starting in 2020, however, both Ritter and Lynskey have begun calling each other husband and wife. In May 2021, Ritter made a tweet to appreciate Lynskey on the occasion of Mother’s day where he called her his wife. The actress replied to the tweet writing, “I love you my husband!”

Jason Ritter And Wife Welcomed Daughter Back In 2018

At the beginning of 2019, news of Ritter and Lynskey having welcomed their first child together came out in public. The couple never made an announcement, and it was thought that, like much of their personal life, the two had kept the matter private.

Film director Neema Barnette had congratulated Ritter and his wife in December 2018 on becoming parents for the first time. Posting a selfie with the actor, Barnette wrote in the caption:

Congrats to Raising Dion Co Star Jason Ritter & his wife on the birth of their beautiful Sag baby girl 𐲘𐲘𐲘 Babies are a blessing & so is Jason! What a hands down brilliant talent & exceptional human being he is! I’m blessed to have shared creative energy with you.

Lynskey later confirmed the birth of their daughter writing that she and Ritter felt lucky to have been able to have the news of their child’s arrival just be for friends and family for the first few months. She also thanked her fans for all the messages she had received and added how much she and her husband loved their daughter.

Jason Ritter On Fatherhood

Ritter, who is the son of actor John Ritter, says he continues to pass down what he received from his parents to his daughter. When talking to ET Canada back in 2020, the actor opened up about how he wanted to raise his daughter.

The main thing I continue to pass down, which was a huge thing from my dad and mom [Nancy Morgan,] is how they always made sure we knew we were loved. They said it a million times. You can pass all kinds of stuff onto your kids, but the feeling of being loved, unconditionally, is so important.

Ritter’s daughter, like her parents, has shown interest in films and cameras. The actor opened up about his daughter wanting to record herself and urging her parents to film her.