After a few months of silence post-Chris Evans and Cara Delevingne dating rumors, Selena Gomez is back, creating headlines again.

The former Disney star is now linked with Jack Harlow, and it's all because of her subtle hints on TikTok. Eagle-eyed fans spotted Gomez leaving cryptic comments on Harlow's TikTok video.

She has since deleted the comments, but the rumors are already spreading like wildfire. Some anonymous sources have even confirmed the relationship now.

Selena Gomez Hitting on Jack Harlow?

It all began on May 9, when Gomez posted a TikTok with Harlow's megahit 'First Class.' It was a selfie video of her vibing to his song, which played loud in the background.

Then, soon after, she left a few comments on Harlow's TikTok from May 1.

"I'm here for fergie," her one comment read. Another one was just a flushed emoji, and a third one read, "Lol nah this shi [sic] funny."

The TikTok she commented on was of Harlow lip-syncing to 'Dua Lipa,' his song from his latest album, Come Home the Kids Miss You. Even though the post was from May 1, the song first came out on May 5.

After her post and comments became viral, Gomez, for reasons unknown, deleted all of them. The proof of their existence can now only be found on fan accounts.

Selena Gomez's now-deleted comment on Jack Harlow's TikTok video.

Selena Gomez's now-deleted comment on Jack Harlow's TikTok video. (Photo: TikTok/Twitter)

These posts quickly made fans wonder if she's hitting on him or even hinting at a relationship.

"If Selena Gomez and jack Harlow are together I will cry cause like her over me???????," one user wrote on Twitter, while another joked, "Selena Gomez if you are shooting your shot at Jack Harlow please stop please first Chris Evans now Jack give a girl a chance."

Some were all for their relationship, though. "Okay but if Jack Harlow and Selena Gomez turn into a thing … they’re my new Zendaya and Tom," someone else gushed.

A few were also saying that everyone was reading too much into her comments.

"Ok but can Selenators just stop insulting him already like she didn't announced her pregnancy and named jack harlow the father," a user tweeted. "she literally just commented on a tik tok."

Deux Moi Confirms Selena Gomez-Jack Harlow Dating Rumors

As soon as the news about Gomez's comments on Harlow's videos started going around, Deux Moi's anonymous insiders got to work. The topic soon came up on their Instagram stories.

To someone's query about whether they were dating, Deux Moi said, "I heard they hung out/went on a date/hooked up a while ago." Further, they clarified the info had reached them as a "blind item" on the page.

Selena Gomez and Jack Harlow dating rumors confirmed by Deux Moi.

Selena Gomez and Jack Harlow dating rumors confirmed by Deux Moi. (Photo: Deux Moi/Instagram)

In the next story, the page posted a new update on the matter. An anonymous tipper claimed Harlow's activities in New York City hinted they were dating.

"Jack was in NYC for the last 2 days and stayed at the same hotel as Selena is in," they asserted. "He has stayed at the same hotel the last several times in NYC but switched this time."

Anonymous tips are not much to go with here, but these confirmations are more than what started her dating rumors with Evans. Only time will tell if Gomez and Harlow are actually a thing, are just subtly hinting at a collaboration, or that she's just showing appreciation for what she finds to be a nice thing.