Back in 2016, when now-defunct Vine died, its prolific star Scotty Sire wondered what he would do with his life and feared if he had to move back home to be a bartender again.

But he had Youtube to the rescue. He had already started making some Youtube videos prior to Vine's demise.

"At that point, I think I’d already started making some YouTube videos and I wasn’t making very much money, but I saw potential in it. However, when I saw it was truly dwindling out, I said, ‘What am I going to do? I might have to move back home and be a bartender again," he shared to Inked.

A prolific social media star passionate about music and rap, Scotty Sire joined The Vlog Squad created by David Dobrik in 2015.

The revolutionary Youtube venture was an instant success as Dobrik based its content on daily vlogging about his friends' lives and also involved them in several comedy sketches. The group members created their content for a long period of time being based at Sire's home.

"Liza and David would be ‘Most Likely to Succeed,’ Zane would be ‘Class Clown,’ Heath would be ‘Most Likely to Get in Trouble,’ and I would be something about being sad," Sire described the cast members with a superlative each when asked. 

But after a sexual assault allegation against Dobrik and a rape allegation against member Dominykas Zeglaitis, known as Durte Dom, tore the squad apart in 2021, Sire has tried to carve out solo fame for himself. In the meantime, his friendship with Dobrik also remains strong. 

Previously, Sire himself also received lots of criticism and sponsorship backlash for defending Dobrik from the allegations but later apologized

In 2021, Sire told People about his new approach toward his career. He shared,

I'm simply reinventing the career path that I'm going down. Instead of being the daily content creator of whatever, I'm spending time on projects that I'm putting my time and passion into — writing the songs and making sure they're perfect and working on music videos and making sure that they're perfect instead of just throwing stuff together and putting it out and hoping people just like it.

Later, he also co-founded a new cannabis venture called iCBD Oils. He also founded HappyFace, about which Shore Fire said it delivered "high-quality CBD at the best prices.

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Who is Scotty Sire Dating Now?

Scotty Sire has been dating fellow social media star and TikToker Jac Andeson, who is also the co-host of the podcast Too Tough To Cry.

The pair have a super close bonding and they can make you jealous of their romantic social media posts. 


Why did Scotty Sire and Ex-girlfriend Kristen Mc Atee Break Up?

YouTuber Kristen McAtee was his better half for the better part of four years before they finally called it quits in 2020. Following the split, the internet broke out in a frenzy of speculations with questions such as "Is Scotty Sire gay?" "Did he cheat on McAtee?" and "Has he found himself a new girlfriend?"

For the longest of time, the couple — Sire and McAtee — remained mum about their break up, but after McAtee caught wind of the conversations that were circulating the world over regarding her personal life, she couldn't just let it be. 


According to Sportskeeda, in the second episode of Oddvice, McAtee expounded on her breakup with the YouTuber turned musician. She said that she didn't quite consider talking about her breakup in public, and there were still a few aspects of her relationship that she would keep to herself. 

Still, she was surprised by the narrative that the netizens had built around her relationship. "It was like they were talking about a TV show," she claimed. There were cheating allegations involved, but she claimed that he had not cheated on her. 

McAtee did, however, note that Sire, age 31, moved on quickly after their breakup, and she "was replaced" from his social media and thumbnails of his YouTube videos.


Previously, they had uploaded a brief Youtube video on 6 February on his Youtube channel in which Sire, sitting beside McAtee, said that they had decided to go separate ways because they "drifted apart."  He said, “You guys see us on the internet, having fun and having a good time, but you don’t see the arguments or the conversations we have off-camera because no one is going to film that. We drifted apart, it’s that simple."

He added, "I feel like we were in our relationship because it was comfortable, and obviously we love each other and… care about each other. We both agree that this is the right decision for us, it’s difficult, but we know it’s the right thing."

McAtee also noted, 

The relationship was fine, but we just got to a point where, like you were saying, we’ve been together for so long, and it was comfortable, and I think it just got to a point where we grew apart, we weren’t together anymore. So, that’s the end of our relationship, and thank you for watching,” she added, then caught herself. “That’s so f**king dark, that’s like a Black Mirror episode right there.

The former pair had first met in 2015. Not long after, they started making content around their personal life such as, 'Kristen Thinks Our Dog is a Chicken Muffin,' 'My Girlfriend Being Weird for Five Minutes!' and 'Trying to Attract Sea Bears at Stagecoach.'

New Girlfriend, Jac Anderson, Came to Defend Her Beau Scotty

A while later, a short clip of McAtee and co-host Alex Koot was shared on TikTok by user diariesof4fatgirl. The caption read: "Kristen McAtee does not know if Scotty Sire cheated on her."


This time around, Sire's new girlfriend, Jac Anderson, came to his defense in the comments section and disputed the rumor of him cheating on McAtee during the end of their relationship. She wrote,

The first time I had an actual conversation with Scott was my birthday weekend (February 22). People want drama so bad, but there's just none here!

For reference, Sire's YouTube video 'We Broke Up' came out on February 5, 2020. Albeit the couple was still living together at the time to run out of their lease on their home. 

Is Scotty Sire also Gay?

Circling back to the gay conversation, the rumors of Sire being gay actually started from videos uploaded by his fellow Vlog Squad members. The click-bait titles of the videos stirred the conversation that their fans were already asking. 

That being said, these rumors are not new by a long shot. The rumors were so widespread at a point that the YouTuber had to put out a tweet to tell his followers that he was not gay. 

On 12 February 2015, Sire took to Twitter and shared that he felt the need to publicly date a woman just for keeping fans from assuming that he and fellow Vlog Squad member Toddy Smith were not in a relationship. 

He also shared a screenshot of a list of people that assumed that he and Smith were dating alongside a snap of himself and Smith sitting on the floor laughing. 

What are popular Scotty Sire Albums and Songs?

Sire has released several singles such as 'Samurai,' 'Men Are Trash,' 'Mister Glassman,' and 'Funkin Fun.' He released his debut album  Ruin Your Part in 2018. He dropped his second album What's Going On in 2019. 

Sire signed with Fearless Records in 2020 and also released a Christmas track titled '25 Christmas Tress' the same year. 

How many Tattoos does Scotty Sire have?

Sire has had several tattoos over the years. His first tattoo is a big bear on his side which he got after high school. 

"I got my first tattoo when I was 18. I was still in high school. I hid it from my dad for like three months and then I got so tired of hiding it from him that I would wear tank tops on purpose and I'd go to work in construction with him. And I'd be like holding up a pylon or something like that and walking by and hoping he would see it. He'd never noticed until one day I was finally like, 'Dad I have a tattoo, you notice it and it''s a bear,'" he shared with Inked in 2018.

He also revealed that the idea for the tattoo came out of his motive to draw something that embodied himself. He revealed to Inked,

I wanted to embody like things about me that I really liked. I ended up drawing the final version but we each [his friend] like drew like an idea of what it was gonna be. And it ended up being this huge bear because I'm from California and that's like the California animal is a bear, 'right?' It has a four-leaf clover on it because I'm Irish. It has a fish with legs on it biting the bear because I believe in evolution. He's holding an anchor and I never really could establish a meaning for it but I tried to—something about being strong, I don't know why. He has a CD as an eyepatch. It's a cracked CD because I liked music and he has a big gold chain that says the kids want techno.  It's like the most ridiculous first tattoo I could have possibly gotten and it's it took like eight hours to do. I had to do multiple sessions and it hurt really bad on my ribs.


What is Scotty Sire's Net Worth? 

Sire has an estimated net worth of $5 million. 

How Old is Scotty Sire?

Born on 1 April 1992 (age 31 years), in Newport Beach, California, United States, Scotty Sire has four brothers, namely Davey, Kevin, Lukas, and Dorian.