From Grace MacLean in 1998's The Horse Whisperer to Natasha Romanoff in the Marvel universe, Scarlett Johansson has come a long way, enjoying her superstardom. 

Over the years, she has portrayed a plethora of characters and donned a variety of looks, and apparently rocked all of them, melting hearts with her picture-perfect looks. 

Her on-point charm and seemingly everlasting youth has prompted fans to wonder if she has ever had plastic surgery done.

Here's what experts say.

Expert on Scarlett Johansson's Plastic Surgery

Johansson's undeniable beauty has not only caused her followers to wonder if she had gone under the knife but has also made experts take a deeper look. 

Board-certified Dr. Anthony Youn shed light on the possibility of Johansson's plastic surgery while talking to Life & Style magazine in July 2021.

The surgeon stated that the Black Widow actress has not had any plastic surgery done.

But he opined she might have gone under the needle, suspecting that she smoothed her forehead with Botox.

He also assumed that she could have used cheek fillers and hydra facial to illuminate her skin. 

Johansson's representative, however, couldn't disagree more, declaring that the Botox claims were "ridiculous."

Johansson's Beauty Regime 

Johansson's timeless appearance can undoubtedly be credited to her extensive beauty routine that encapsulates hours of workouts and proper diet. 

Her years-long personal trainer Eric Johnson opened up about the hard work she undergoes to keep herself fit and role-ready to Women's Health magazine on July 3, 2021. 

According to him, the Tony award-winning star practices an amalgam of workouts that include a tad bit of Olympic weight lighting, powerlifting, yoga, kettlebells, body weights, MMA, pilates, and so on.

Focusing on performance rather than aesthetics, the Hollywood heavyweight always starts her day at the gym when filming. 

And the major deal comes down to her nutrition. She consumes enough protein and quality sources of carbohydrates and fat to match the pressure of hectic schedules. 

The diet plan obviously can differ to match the roles of her movies. For instance, the Manhattan native opted for nutrient-rich foods for her Black Widow filming. She would eat a two-egg omelet with oatmeal and berries every day for her breakfast. 

Last but not least, her personal trainer makes sure she gets enough sleep and refreshment time, whether it be through the sauna, leisurely stroll, massage, or breathwork.

It is safe to say her self-care, coupled with proper diet and exercise, has helped Johansson maintain a healthy physique and radiant skin.

During an interview with Grazia USA, the mother-of-one confessed she had a passion for self-care since her teenage years.

Her mother had instilled the importance of self-love in her. 

Believing in the transformative power of beauty, the 36-year-old founded a beauty brand focused on skincare in collaboration with Najafi Companies.

The product will launch in early 2022.