Sally Ann Howes, age 91, is an English actress and singer who has had an active career spanning over six decades. She was born on July 20, 1930, in John's Wood, London. 

Howes is the holder of British-American dual citizenship and has had a history of living in New York. However, she currently lives somewhere in Florida.  

Howes is the daughter of popular English actor-comedian Bobby Howes and granddaughter to Broadway director Capt. J.A.E. Malone. She is widely known for her role as Truly Scrumptious in the 1968 musical film Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

A portrait of Sally Ann Howes (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

Sally Ann Howes' Career 

Howes began her acting career when she was 12 years old. Before her 20th birthday, she had already worked on numerous movies projects. Anna Karenina (1948) being the most notable movie of her early career.

In 1950, she got her big break in stage acting with Leonard Bernstein’s Fancy Free and, immediately after, starred in Sandy Wilson's musical, Caprice. However, her 1968 children's movie, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, remains the biggest smash hit of her career thus far. 

The movie's screenplay was penned by one of America's greatest literary figures, Roald Dahl, who also wrote the evergreen masterpiece, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. 

Fans and followers still know her as Truly Scrumptious, the name of her character in the movie. In the monumental movie, she was cast opposite legendary actor Dick Van Dyke, who portrayed Caractacus Potts. 

She was later seen in the movie adaption of The Dead - a celebrated short story by Irish writer and novelist James Joyce. The movie was released in the year 1987.

The latter part of Howes' career saw her devote more time to the musical stage. She retired in the year 1992 but is associated with musical theatre till today. 

In an article published by Palm Beach Post in 2013, Howes is quoted saying: 

I would have liked a film career, but I didn’t pursue it — I just loved connecting with an audience. The theater is a drug. The problem is that to be remembered, you have to do films.

Who Is Sally Ann Howes' Spouse?

Howes married American lyricist and writer Richard Adler in 1958. Interestingly, this was the second marriage for both Howes and Adler. 

Following the death of Adler's first wife in 1964, the actress was kind enough to adopt his two children from his first marriage. Adler went on to marry a third time after his divorce from Howes in 1966.

Howes, on the other hand, married twice more. At present, she has been married to literary agent Douglas Rae for 48 years. In one of her interviews, she spoke of her marriage [with Rae] as her "greatest success" and her "rock." 

What is Howes Up to Today?

Unfortunately, not much is publicly known about Howes' whereabouts or project. Her last public sighting dates back to 2012 when she was spotted with her husband Rae during Palm Beach Dramaworks’ Theatre Guild Dinner.

It is understood that she is currently working as an artistic adviser for the Guild in Florida.

The acclaimed actress is also reported to be present at charity functions, lectures, and Broadway openings. However, no credible source seems to acknowledge this information.