Constance Nunes was candid about her ten-year marriage in a February 2021 episode of the podcast No Focks Given

Nunes has made a name for herself as a model, mechanic, and reality star with her show on Netflix Rust to Riches. However, there are a few facts about Nunes that remain largely unexplored.

For instance, she was once a stuntwoman in the movies like Bring It On and Dodgeball. Also, her first marriage lasted ten years. 

Nunes Was Married 10 Years

Just about forty minutes into the No Focks Given podcast, the reality star dished out the experiences she gathered from her ten-year marriage falling apart. 

Although the name of her first husband was undisclosed through the episode, Nunes revealed that the two of them first met in high school but started dating after high school ended. 

Again, the exact timetable of their relationship has been kept tightly under wraps. However, going by the podcast episode, the reality star got married sometime around 2008-2009.

Relationships Can Be Complicated

Nunes then went on to explain that people often underestimate how complicated relationships can get.

Keeping in mind that the topic on point was still her first marriage, it was safe to say that she was projecting. 

According to the Rust to Riches star, a relationship that looked good on paper did not always mean it would work out in real life.

She also addressed how people, especially women, sometimes expected certain things out of their significant other that seemed perfectly reasonable in their imagination. But those expectations failed to take into account that the other person is only human. 

People want these perfect relationships that take out the flaws of being a real life person.

She also added that looking for an ideal partner who ticked all the boxes was impractical and unhealthy for any relationship. 

What Ending a Long-Term Relationship Felt Like

In the closing segment of this particular topic, the celebrity mechanic also addressed people who reach an impasse in their long-term relationship and break up or get divorced after. 

She had learned that once two people share a relationship for a long time, ten years in her case, they tend to build their identity around their significant other.

Not just that, their goals in life and their picture of tomorrow also took into account the presence of their partner. 

Much like herself, many people might find themselves helpless and lost for a while when they lose their partner because it becomes much like losing their own identity. 

Ten Years Wiser

Nunes' advice to those people, 

You can literally wake up tomorrow and have a completely different life than the life you have today. All you have to do is choose to have it.

As for the younger couples who have not reached such a point in their relationship, or maybe never will, Nunes' words of wisdom asked them to keep being their own person. 

She advised couples to spend time independent of their partner, although they might feel like they have to stick together all the time.

The reality star seems to have moved on from her first marriage, though. Because on February 9, 2019, she tied the knot with boyfriend Jared Toller.