Robin Zander has been married twice in his life, and he has children from both marriages.

He was first married to his former wife, Karen Zander. With her, he has two children: a son Ian Zander, and a daughter Holland Zander.

His second and current wife is a former Playboy playmate Pamela Stein, whom he wed in 1993. He shares two kids with her as well.

The couple’s kids are son Robin Taylor Zander and daughter Robin-Sailor Zander.

While the singer-songwriter mostly spends his time at his Safety Harbor, Florida home with his wife, his kids follow in his footsteps and serve the music industry.

Robin Zander and Wife Pamela’s Kids Are Musicians

Zander and Stein’s kids, who live with them in Safety Harbor, are also pursuing their careers as musicians.

“We’ve got a jam session going on here all night and day,” the 69-year-old lead singer and rhythm guitarist for the rock band Cheap Trick told Catalyst in April 2020.

Moreover, his son, Taylor, has been impressing the audience with his soothing voice for a very long time.

For instance, a 2014 report by Tampa Bay Times revealed that he entertained the audience at Brady’s Backyard BBQ with an effortless voice and remarkable expertise on the piano and guitar.

Impressed with his song, Zander, who was present at the event, joined his kid from the back of the room.

Robin Zander with his son Robin Taylor Zander.

Robin Zander with his son Robin Taylor Zander. (Photo: Twitter)

“I remember him as a 3-year-old playing on his first drum kit,” the proud father told the tabloid after his son completed a two-hour session with barely any break.

He also recalled his son playing a little Hawaiian guitar and singing ‘I Want You To Want Me’ when the father son-duo were in Hawaii watching the Chicago Bears on TV.

Robin Zander’s Kids Learn from Him

Whether it’s his wife or his kids, Zander always finds time for his family, even when performing with his bandmates.

The famed singer takes his two children from second marriage to his shows as they possess a huge interest in music.

During the days he traveled with his father, Taylor taught himself to play the guitar, drums, and piano by watching Zander and his bandmates play.

Robin Zander during one of his live shows.

Robin Zander during one of his live shows. (Photo: Twitter)

“Growing up I was always at concerts, sitting at the side of the stage and watching,” Taylor said in an interview with ABC Action News.

On the other hand, the singer’s daughter, Sailor, who attended college as of September 2020, also joined her father and brother so she could pick a few tricks about music.

Robin Zander’s Children from First Wife

It turns out Zander’s children from his first wife are also musicians.

His eldest daughter, Holland, is presently a vocalist for The Sensations, a popular cover band.

Likewise, her brother and Zander’s son, Ian, has worked on several music projects. He has reportedly played bass for Captain Wails and the Harpoons, Hilly Jones, and lead guitar with Pink Beam.