Richard Osman, best known as the creator and co-presenter of the BBC One television quiz show Pointless, was previously married to his first wife, whose identity has not been disclosed yet. 

He was married to his former partner from the late 1990s to 2007 and had two children, Ruby and Sonny.

After the divorce, he talked to The Times and admitted he feared his family situation would be "awful" but was relieved that it all worked out.

He also shared that spending time with his kids and being different from his father, who left the family home when Osman was ten, helped him succeed as a father.

"When my partnership broke up, I did think, 'Oh God, this is going to be awful,'" he stated.


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He continued to add, "I've seen my kids nonstop. It was quickly worked out it wasn't going to be the same, which is an extraordinary relief. They know I love them and I tell them nonstop, which bores them rigid. But I never got told that."

But while he fulfilled his responsibilities as a father, Osman didn't find someone special to love and remarry for a long time until late 2021.

Richard Osman on Finding Love Again

During his appearance on the Christmas Day edition of Desert Island Discs in 2021, the Pointless star claimed he had eventually found love 14 years after divorcing the mother of his two children.

He introduced Ingrid Oliver, a British actress, as his girlfriend. The two reportedly started their romantic relationship in the summer of 2020, after having known each other platonically for many years.

According to Dailymail, his relationship with Ingrid began at a dinner party after the first lockdown. The outlet's source further added that the author had told friends she "is the one."

After they began dating, the actress moved into Osman's southwest London home in October 2020.

Richard Osman and his partner Ingrid Oliver during a show.

Richard Osman and his partner Ingrid Oliver during a show. (Photo: Twitter)

Osman later claimed that he had finally found happiness, saying, "I'm happy with myself, I've got these beautiful kids, I've met the woman who I'm going to be with for the rest of my life."

The comedian also explained how he had realized that competition and ambition in life could disappear at any time. Hence, his top priority at the moment was to be happy, and according to him, he found his happiness in his kids and his partner.

Moreover, Osman dedicated the classic Erasure track 'A Little Respect' to Ingrid, who previously featured alongside the host on his BBC show, Richard Osman's House of Games.

Is Richard Osman Married Now?

Osman is not married to anyone at present.

But since he claims to be in a happy place with his current partner, Ingrid, the wedding bells might not be too far away.

Between his first wife's divorce and dating his current partner, Osman had dated jazz singer Sumudu Jayatilaka and Absolute Radio host Emily Dean.

However, ITV's The Nightly Show celebrity host didn't tie the knot with anyone.