BBC has given fans a first look into their upcoming police drama The Responder that progresses with Martin Freeman in the lead.

The plot works around Freeman's persona, Chris, as he takes on a series of night shifts on the beat in Liverpool. 

The official plot of the series paints Chris as a crisis-stricken, morally compromised, unconventional urgent response officer who is struggling to keep his life together on both the personal and professional front. 

While he battles his own demons, he is forced to take on a rookie partner played by Adelayo Adedayo.

The plot progresses as the two try to survive the relentless nights. 

Freeman Was the Writer's First Choice

On May 20, 2021, Variety shared the conversations they had with Freeman and the show's writer Tony Schumacher, who also happens to be an ex-policeman. 

As per the exclusive report, Freeman was impressed with the uniqueness and honesty in Schumacher's storytelling. So, he couldn't help but take on the role of Chris. 

At the same time, Schumacher revealed that Freeman was actually his fantasy casting. Even as he was penning the script, he wanted the Sherlock star to lead the show. 

He further confessed that seeing his fantasy find real-world expression, was beyond exciting and sang even more praises of the already popular actor. 

"He brings such a well of talent and humanity that breathes magic into the words I’ve been lucky enough to give him," the humble writer added, "I can’t wait for audiences to get to see his performance in this role, it’s one I feel very lucky to have had a front-row seat for.”

Cast Dubbed a 'Writer's Dream Come True'

Apart from Freeman and Adedayo, the cast includes distinguished actors from TV and movies. The likes of Kerrie Hayes and Ian Hart from Tin Star, MyAnna Buring from The Salisbury Poisonings, and Warren Brown from Luther.

David Bradley from Afterlife and Rita Tushingham from Ridley Road will also be starring alongside fresh faces like Josh Finan and Emily Fairn.

The five-part drama is the first time Schumacher has written for the BBC original series. The show was produced by Dancing Ledge Productions for BBC One and BBC iPlayer.

The show will run under the direction of Tim Mielants and was produced by Rebecca Ferguson.

As for the executive producers, Laurence Bowen and Chris Carey are working for Dancing Ledge Productions and Mona Qureshi for the BBC.

The show also happens to be funded by the Liverpool Film Office through the LCR Production Fund. 

A Tried & Tested Genre 

The show is set to come after BBC tried and tested the gritty police genre with Line of Duty, which resonated very well with their primary audiences.

The show managed to reel in a record-breaking 12.8 million viewers overnight. 

The Responder was first announced last year as a drama coming from first-time TV writers working with BBC. According to the public broadcaster, the show will "hold a mirror up" to the emotional extremes of working on the front lines.