Lil Baby and Saweetie took over the internet with multiple breadcrumb trails painting one simple picture: they are dating for real. 

However, the story boomed into the stratosphere as Saweetie's ex-boyfriend Quavo suggested that he and Lil Baby swap exes.

Grab your bucket of popcorn because the drama is about to come full circle. 

Quavo Suggests Swapping Exes

Right off the bat, the bell of the hour was the late-night Instagram story that Quavo put on his official page, which read, "Ain't tripping we can swap it out! #QCTHELABEL."

For the uninitiated, the drama began with a story from Hollywood Unlocked. A source with the outlet spotted Lil Baby out shopping with Quavo's ex-girlfriend, Saweetie, in New York, where they ended up spending a hundred grand. 

Get this! Lil Baby paid the bill.

The outlet further cited security camera footage that captured Lil Baby and Saweetie's shopping spree in the Chanel outlet in NYC. 

Lil Baby Pulled Back a Tweet

As speculations and rumors took shape, one particular tweet from Lil Baby stood out like a sore thumb. His tweet from three days ago (as of this writing) said that he was not dating anyone and was single. 

That doesn't seem to be the case anymore. The tweet is nowhere to be found. It looks like the green light from Saweetie's ex-boyfriend eased things up. 

Of course, considering Quavo's latest story, Lil Baby taking down his 'single' tweet had other implications. 

Jayda Cheaves Chimed In 

The Shade Room wasted no time in sharing Quavo's story on their Instagram page, and guess who ended up liking the post? Pat yourself on the back if you answered Jayda Cheaves.

So, to add up, Lil Baby and Saweetie are almost definitely dating. Quavo seems to suggest that he and Lil Baby swap exes. And, of course, Cheaves seemingly approves of the idea. 

When everyone thought that the news was as good as official, Quavo's sister, who goes by the Migo Shara on Instagram, gave Quavo her blessing. Shara posted a story of Cheaves on her private Instagram page.

With all of this drama unfolding overnight, literally, Cheaves and Quavo have made it to the top of Twitter's Trending in Rap list. Cheaves ranked #1, followed by Quavo. 

Meanwhile, Cheaves supposedly told The Shade Room that people got her trending on Twitter for no apparent reason.

About the Relationships Before All of This

Lil Baby and Cheaves had been dating on and off for the last couple of years. Their relationship resulted in them welcoming a baby into their family in February 2019. 

But less than a year later, the couple had confirmed on separate occasions that they had broken up. While there were quite a few on and off moments from then till now, recent developments suggest Saweetie was the final nail in that coffin. 

Saweetie and Quavo have a much straight forward relationship, though. They began dating in 2018 after the latter slipped into her DMs. They dated for almost three whole years before Saweetie announced she was single via a Twitter post on March 19, 2021, and that was that.