A week after the news of YouTuber Peter Monn’s car accident, he took to Twitter to address the GoFundMes created for him and his husband.

Monn wrote several people had started GoFundMe that went upwards of $500-$1 million.

The YouTuber noted that while he appreciated the efforts, he did not approve of these and asked for them to be taken down.

“If I ever needed to beg for money,” he wrote. “I would do it myself.”

An hour after the initial tweet, Monn made a separate one, where he further clarified why he wanted the GoFundMes to be taken down.

“The reason why I wanted to address the Go Fund Me’s was b/c the Go Fund Me’s by me or my husband are not by us and we are not directly related to them,” Monn wrote.

“Thus why we are asking that those directly stating they are raising funds for us be taken down.”

Peter Monn with husband Alex

Peter Monn with husband Alex (Source: Instagram)

Peter Monn’s Car Accident

Monn was involved in a car accident on February 16, 2022, in Fishers, Indiana. According to the police department’s statement, the car accident took place at approximately 12:30 pm on Allisonville Road.

Three vehicles were involved in the car accident — a tan Chevrolet 1500 pickup truck, a gray Jeep Grand Cherokee, and a brown Nissan Altima.

Of the three, Monn was driving the Jeep Grand Cherokee. Out of the people involved in the car accident, the driver of the Chevrolet was pronounced deceased at the scene.

As for Monn and the driver of the Nissan Altima, both of them were hospitalized.

The news of the unfortunate accident was first reported by Keemstar. Initially, he said the details were unknown but later provided a screenshot of The Press Engine report, which showed that Monn was among the fortunate survivors.

Update on Peter Monn

Following the news of Monn’s car crash, speculations spread across social media like wildfire.

While the police stated the accident was still under investigation, many netizens noted that the cause of the car crash was Monn having a seizure.

A user mentioned Keemstar and wrote, “According to people in his Vloggerino FB group whom have contacted his husband, Alex, he had a seizure while driving. He does also have epilepsy.”

However, nothing was confirmed, and there is still no confirmation about the true cause of the accident.

There was also little update about Monn’s situation until he tweeted about his situation himself.

“I woke up with no memory of 3 three, five staples in my head, head contusions, a broken back(I’m in a brace for at least 6 months), a bruised lung, a broken rib and cuts and scrapes all over,” he wrote.

Monn shared he would be back to making content but wasn’t sure when. He also added he would be “attending” social media when he felt like it.

Finally, the YouTuber thanked everyone who had supported him and his husband, as well as those who had been involved in the accident.