Pat McAfee got married to the love of his life, his wife, Samantha Lundy McAfee, while the world had shut down because of the pandemic. But, thankfully, he thought to take his followers along for every moment that mattered. 

The former NFL star took to his socials to share glimpses of the journey he and Samantha took to become man and wife: everything from the engagement to the bridal shower and, of course, the day of the wedding.

Getting Engaged

Starting from the top, the couple got engaged on February 9, 2019, as per a tweet from McAfee. However, fans only got the news a day after the actual day of the engagement. 

He announced via the tweet that he had finally asked his girlfriend if she'd like to spend forever with him, to which she happily said yes. At the moment, the couple "both smiled, laughed, and cried a bit."

The masterful entertainer had apparently chosen a breathtaking location to pop the question: a waterfall. The adjacent photographs saw him on one knee just in front of the waterfall. The proposal was followed by a lunch right in front of the helicopter that got them there. 

The next installment in their timeline came on July 18, 2020, as his fiance, the to-be Mrs. McAfee, shared a snap on the morning of her bridal shower. She shared that she was "all mushy" drinking her coffee and added that she was excited to celebrate their love with her family, new family, and her friends. 

"Cant wait to be marry you Patrick! #MeantToBeMcAfee," she closed the caption.

Getting Legally Married

Four days after the bridal shower, McAfee and Lundy were legally married and became Mr. & Mrs. McAfee. Samantha posted a photo of herself and her beau to celebrate the occasion. The new wife flaunted the marriage certificate while the husband snapped the selfie. 

While the wedding rehearsal is the next item on the list chronologically, the pictures of the evening didn't make it to the internet until Father's Day 2021, when the wife revealed that she surprised her husband with official name changes for their three furbabies. 

The two dongs and a cat that the NFL star and his wife co-parent were officially named McAfee's. At the same time, the bride confessed that she couldn't wait for the day that her husband became the father to a little human. 

Tieing the Knot

Then again, going back in time, the couple tied the knot on August 2, 2020, in a beautiful ceremony attended by quite a few of their friends and family. Of course, the bride couldn't help but flaunt the wedding photos over the next couple of days. 

And for those of you wondering, the bride went with a backless-sleeveless wedding gown with a flowing skirt embellished with floral motifs. Here is a short lineup of the photos she posted. 

It's hard to believe that it has already been a year since these love birds made their marriage official. The couple celebrated their first anniversary five weeks ago, as of this writing. 

At the time, the wife celebrated McAfee as her rock, best friend, forever roommate, and the love of life.