Jasmine Tookes gave fans a peek into her bridal shower earlier today, on July 13, via a series of snaps featured on her Instagram. 

Tookes made headlines back in September 2020, when she got engaged to her boyfriend Juan David Borrero, a director of international markets at Snapchat. 

Roses & Dahlias

In the recent upload, the bride-to-be shared beautiful snaps of the celebrations, starting with an unassuming snap of a pool decorated with floating roses and dahlias. 

Building on the anticipation further, the second picture of the bunch framed a beautiful outdoor dining table set to accommodate 20 guests at a time.

The beautiful china laid out on the table featured a concentric pattern accompanied by cutlery and glasses in a bronze theme. Much like the pool, the table was also adorned with flowers, but this time it was bouquets instead of petals. 

The snaps that followed framed a group of stunningly beautiful women posing for the camera, smiles plastered across their faces. 

The latter few snaps featured adorable looking desserts, while the last frame had cookies with the to-be bride and groom's initials piped onto them. 

Her Mom Threw the Bridal Shower

In the caption, the model revealed that her mother, Cary Robinson, was the one to thank for the beautiful afternoon. She also thanked her besties for taking the time to lend their presence on the special day. 

While the official wedding dates have not been disclosed to the public, Tookes concluded her caption by announcing that the countdown to the wedding had begun, suggesting that she might say her vows soon. 

Tookes and Borrero were dating for four years before he asked for her hand in marriage late last year. Following suit, the social media influencer shared a couple of snaps that captured the highlights of the day she got engaged. 

The Engagement Was a Complete Surprise

On a later date, the Victoria's Secret model confessed to Vogue that Borrero's proposal was a complete surprise. She also opened up about the romantic getaway that her beau had planned leading up to the big question. 

Tookes recalled she woke up at 9 that morning and attended a meeting with JOJA, an Instagram page she shares with fellow model Josephine Skriver. Just as she concluded her meeting, Borrero asked her to pack her bags for a surprise trip that they were supposed to leave for in two hours. 

Borrero first took her to The Rose in Venice, California, the place where they first met. Their trip to the Golden State was followed by a trip to the airport, which eventually took them to Page, Arizona. Tookes gushed about the flight saying

He knows me so well that he had Popeye’s catered—I was in heaven!—so we ate chicken tenders and drank champagne until we landed in Page, Arizona.

A Mountain Proposal

Once in Page, the couple got on a helicopter that took them somewhere in the middle of the desert rocks in Utah where it was just the two of them, two chairs, a table with champagne, and a charcuterie. 

After an hour of cherishing one another's company, Borrero escorted his fiancée to a lookout where he'd laid out a bunch of rocks that spelled out "WYMM?"

"At first glance, I didn't know what this meant," Tookes confessed, "but it immediately dawned on me that it meant 'Will you marry me?'"

While she was putting the dots together, a drone flew over them, carrying a small black pouch that she would later find out had the ring in it. 

The drone got close. He plucked the pouch, took out the ring, and bent down on one knee. After a moment of disbelief and lots of happy tears, she said, "yes!"

Going by recent developments, it is apparent that the day she says "I do!" is not that far ahead into the future.