The second youngest sister of the Kardashian-Jenner clan, Kendall Jenner is naturally lean, has an ideal height for modeling, and is drop-dead gorgeous.

However, these are the bare minimum qualifications for representing Victoria’s Secret on a runway. So, when she was 17, six months away from legally being able to sign with Victoria's Secret, she trained rigorously to get her body to perfection.

Jenner Committed To Her Routine Almost Daily

Jenner worked with Gunnar Peterson, a celebrated personal trainer, to get her body ready for the lingerie giant. She had to commit herself to strenuous fitness rituals before she could even think of cat-walking down the runway. 

Peterson commented that many people would actually be surprised by how the model was hardcore with her squats, dead-lifts, and pull-ups. Most of her workout consisted of sled-pushes, lateral body works, running on the track, and high-intensity interval training.

 Kendall Jenner walking the VS runway for the first time. (Source: Kendall’s Instagram)

Kendall Jenner walking the VS runway for the first time. (Source: Kendall’s Instagram)

Her sister Khloe also mentioned that the supermodel did not really do a lot of cardio, like most models did, and instead opts to hit the weight room. It would also be no surprise if she inherited this degree of athleticism from her father, Caitlyn Jenner, an Olympic gold medalist. 

The Drive Was To Be Perfectly Toned

The KUWTK star was involved in a lot of toning exercises, even though they were weight-focused. Former trainer Autumn Calabrese explained that these movements targeted the legs, the hips, and the abdomen to keep everything tone and tight. These areas were of the biggest concern so that Jenner could go in for a fitting, a meeting thereafter, and wherever, and still feel confident at the end of the day. 

The model was so engrossed in keeping her fitness in check that she didn’t miss out on working out even while traveling.

When she was in New York, she would hit up the Gotham Gym for some boxing. If she was overseas in Paris or London, she would be found in the hotel’s gym continuously laboring to chisel her body.

VS Models Have High Standards Of Entry

The marketing officer for Victoria’s Secret, Edward Razek, revealed that less than 100 women worldwide are capable of becoming a model for them because of the height and weight restrictions. The lingerie house has strict parameters in place to ensure they only filter through to the very best. 

They say that the candidate must be taller than 5’8”, but no more than 6’. She must also have the hourglass measurements of 34-24-34. Age too is to be factored in, between 18 to 22, to ensure longevity.

She must have a toned body, top fitness levels, smooth skin, and luscious hair. Full lips, a dainty nose, and high cheekbones are also preferred. 

The only non-requirement they seem to have on is the shoe size!