After a suspenseful season and many heartfelt goodbyes from the contestants, Paris Winningham has finally made it as The Voice season 21 finalist.  

The 32-year-old singer from Team Blake Shelton is joining fellow team member Wendy Moten, Girl Named Tom and Hailey Mia from Team Kelly Clarkson, and Jershika Maple from Team John Legend. 

This season, audiences saw Ariana Grande take on a coaching position, but unfortunately, none of her contestants advanced further.

By the end of the December 14, 2021 finale, one of the top 5 will be crowned the new winner of The Voice.

So, who is Winningham? He’s an exceptionally talented singer, and here are five facts about Winningham and his past.

1. Paris Winningham Was Adopted

Winningham has never seen or met his biological parents, as he was adopted when he was just an infant.

However, the Jacksonville native does know that his mother was a singer and his father was a guitar player. 

And with music running through his veins, he started playing the drums at church as a seven-year-old and later began singing. 

2. Paris Winningham Is in a Band

Outside of The Voice, Winningham is a member of the JFamily Ent./J-Crew Band and the WHIM Band. 

The Voice season 21 finalist admitted during his blind audition that his “whole goal in life was to make music.

Will he become The Voice winner

3. Paris Winningham Is a Navy Veteran

At 20 years old, Winningham joined the Navy and served as a machinist mate, and worked in the engine room.

During his time with the Navy, The Voice season 21 finalist traveled the world and continued with his music by performing at ceremonies on the ship and the base.

In 2017, he was honorably discharged and “hopes to continue to serve people in a new way through his music on The Voice.”

4. Paris Winningham’s Got Many Godchildren

According to his Instagram posts, The Voice season 21 finalist has many godchildren.

Earlier in March, he made a heartfelt post in tribute to his godson, Chase’s first birthday.

Similarly, he also wished his oldest godchild, Ariel, for her birthday on the platform. 

He shared that he fell in love with Ariel the moment he laid eyes on her and shared that she had the ability to make him laugh and smile.

He expressed his love for Ariel and all his other godchildren in that adorable post. 

5. Paris Winningham Credits His Jacksonville Vocal Coach

Before the semi-finals, Winningham sat down with First Coast News to talk about the secret to his success. 

The Voice season 21 finalist credited his success on the show largely to his Jacksonville vocal coach, Deborah McDuffie. 

“Honestly, I wouldnt still be in this competition if it wasn’t for her,” he said.

McDuffie, who has worked with artists like Teddy Pendergrass, Aretha Franklin, Luther Vandross, and Al Green, noted that Winningham had the talent to win the entire competition.