Lauren Wood and her boyfriend Odell Beckham Jr. have recently announced that they are becoming parents soon. The 28-year-old took to her official Instagram account and posted a series of images revealing her pregnancy while she flaunted her baby bump.

Congratulatory messages soon followed as fans and fellow celebrities couldn't hold back their excitement after learning that Wood was pregnant with a baby.

Wood's boyfriend and American football player Beckham Jr. can be seen alongside his girlfriend in a series of intimate photographs which showcase her pregnant belly.


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Who Is Lauren Wood?

Wood is a fitness trainer and a sports enthusiast. In 2015, she started getting recognized in public after appearing in MTV's sketch comedy show Wild "N Out, hosted by Nick Cannon.

As of this writing, Wood is not only a known body trainer; she is also an online influencer with her verified Instagram account boasting 1.6 million followers. A look at her official page reflects her attachment to body fitness and workout routines.

Wood is also a nature lover and likes to vacation out in the wild. And as per one of her past Instagram question-and-answer sessions, she has a soft spot for the Maldives, a country in South Asia. According to Wood, "the place isn't even earth," and the energy that the Maldives gives out is "magical."

Apart from being a fitness freak, Wood is also an acclaimed cross-country runner, an activity she was massively engaged with during her high school years. In addition, Wood was also engaged as a belly and jazz dancer.


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Her love for workouts started while she was a high school student. And after she graduated from high school, Wood was sent to a training camp undergoing military fitness exercises in Texas.

During the said Q&A session, Wood called Hip Thrust to be her favorite workout exercise and painting as her favorite outdoor activity; she has specialized in acrylic painting.

In the video session, Wood spoke confidently about how she has "always been good at it," and concluded her answer by calling painting to be her "therapy."

Replying to a fan question regarding her inspiration behind pursuing a career as a trainer, Wood said that she "loved helping people" and equally "love putting smile on their faces."

Wood Loves Going on Adventurous Dates

The body enthusiast loves going on adventurous trips with her boyfriend Beckham Jr. whenever the football player is off duty. A proof of this claim can be drawn from Wood's many social media posts where the couple can be seen enjoying nature while in each other's company.

In 2021 alone, the couple has gone on three different holidays in three naturally diverse locations. In January, Wood and Beckham Jr. spent a day flying in a small aircraft over the American desert in Sedona, Arizona. 


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The bit of information was made public by Wood on her Instagram page, where she wrote how her "honey" surprised her with their "daycation."

In another of her vacation posts in February, the couple was seen holidaying in an undisclosed snowy, remote location. Beckham Jr. and his girlfriend cruised on the blue ocean, enjoying bright sunshine laying on the deck of a boat earlier in April.