Over the years, Marvel has created a list of impressive superheroes and supervillains. These characters have won many’s hearts and secured blockbuster feature films and television. 

But there are still 100s of other obscure marvel characters with unique superpowers that many are unaware about.

Most superheroes can fly or have incredible strength, but even the most powerful characters do not have the powers these obscure Marvel characters have. 

1. Doug Ramsey

The first character on our list of obscure Marvel characters is Doug Ramsey, AKA Cypher, a member of the X-Men New Mutants. 

Ramsey is a language expert who can understand and translate any language.

It is not the most exciting power hence readers disliked him when he first appeared in the comics. But he was a great help in helping Professor X communicate with the living island. 

2. Demolition Man

Demolition Man, also known as D-Man, is a super strong wrestler who became Captain America’s partner. 

He received his superhuman strength and stamina thanks to Power Broker, a suspicious character who exchanged superpowered performance-enhancing drugs for favors. 

Broker got him hooked on the drug after making him think he needed the drug to maintain his strength. 

His addiction and his unstable heart condition, coupled with the fact that he recently came out, humanized this superhero and led to a small cult following of his own. 

3. Armadillo 

Antonio Rodriguez became Armadillo after he allowed criminal scientist, Dr. Karl Malus, to combine his genes with that of an armadillo. 

Rodriguez was desperate to save his critically ill wife, and Malus promised him the cure in exchange for his involvement in an experiment.

As the name suggests, Armadillo is a man who resembles a gigantic Armadillo with his rigid, organic armored plate and thick, tough claws. 

The character has superhuman strength, stamina, and durability.

4. Mr. Smile

Mr. Smile is as unique as his name. One might think he probably evokes joy and happiness. But it’s the total opposite.

He resembles a slender man in a Victorian suit with a massive creepy smile. Mr. Smile built the Mallet of Entropy with which he could destabilize the atomic structure.

And together with his companions, Mr. Sulk, they attacked Dr. Strange only to be defeated and imprisoned in the Dungeon Dimension, where they remain to this day. 

5. Stingray

Most people will only conjure up Jason Momoa's Aquaman when thinking about water-based superheroes. 

But another obscure aquatic superhero is Walter Newell’s Stingray. He is an unusual Marvel hero because he does not have any natural powers or control over the ocean or its habitats. 

It is his exoskeleton designed for deep sea exploration that makes him a threat. The suit makes him deeply agile and can administer extreme electrical shocks. Think Spiderman and Iron Man, but in one package.