In late January 2022, Jessica Blevins — wife of the globally renowned streamer Tyler "Ninja" Blevins — broke word that she would resign from her managerial position at her husband's team. 

However, just recently, she seemingly went back on her word over a tweet. 

Turns out the whole stepping down thing is still in the pipelines. 

Ninja's Wife Focusing on Making Her Brand

In her interview with Sportify It, Ninja's wife shared she was gearing up to move past her husband's brand and solidify her own name in the streaming scene. 

Left to right: Blake Martinez, Tyler 'Ninja' Blevins, and his wife Jessica Blevins

Left to right: Blake Martinez, Tyler' Ninja' Blevins, and his wife Jessica Blevins (Source: Twitter)

Jessica is not someone to be taken lightly either. Whilst manufacturing her husband's success on the business side of things, she'd still managed to garner her own fandom. 

Her fanbase comes mainly from her Dead By Daylight streams, but most people still know her as Ninja's wife and manager

Jessica Blevins Building Her Brand Alongside Husband's

Jessica clarified she had devoted a significant chunk of her attention to growing her own brand alongside her husband's for a whole year.

She'd mostly stuck to the same strategy she applied when she catapulted her husband from being a streamer with a massive fandom to a bonafide celebrity. 

"I'm really excited," she shared. "I have a PR team. I signed with CAA. Before I was focusing on Tyler, so now I'm focusing on my brand simultaneously."

That's where the whole separation from the Ninja team stemmed from. She has a book in the works and with her PR agency working tirelessly, a respectable number of offers, no doubt.

That directly translates to more time needed on her brand and less time available for Ninja.

Jessica Blevins Leaving Team Ninja

Jessica confessed she was "really torn" at the moment and her devoting all of her time to her own brand was a serious discussion. 

Albeit, she let the outlet know that they were the first in the public sphere to hear about this. 

We’re realizing that there will come a time, and it may come sooner rather than later, that I won’t be his manager anymore.

She candidly added that with the amount of work that she did for Team Ninja, they would need a full-time replacement for her position, and that person would have to be someone who they can trust. 

Or, as she put it, "Someone who eats, breathes, and sleeps team Ninja like I have done."

Only then could she step down and focus on her own work. 

That being said, she also affirmed that Ninja was "super supportive" and that he simply wanted her to be happy.

'Sooner Rather than Later' — Not! 

Understandably, the interview made it sound that Jessica's decision to leave Team Ninja was inbound and imminent, and many outlets reported it as such. 

Just recently, Jessica put up a tweet to set the record straight. 

She addressed all the articles floating around the internet and restated that she would be stepping down from the managerial position in a scenario where her husband gets full focus and time like she'd been giving him. 

"BUT," she went on. "I'm still happily and successfully balancing managing him and myself. I'm not going anywhere yet." 

Hence confirming that there were more than a few logistical adjustments yet to be made before she parts ways from her husband's professional life, and those adjustments would take time.