Nicholas Perry, aka Nikocado Avocado, is arguably one of the most controversial YouTubers on the platform. His content predominately comprises mukbang videos. Mukbang is a video genre where an individual eats a lot of food in front of the camera. 

Perry has been doing this for many years, and its consequences are seemingly visible in his physical appearance. In addition, the weight gain has degraded his health throughout the years. 

Many creators have called him out, and one such creator is PewDiePie. Perry responded to PewDiePie via YouTube, and now, there is a beef between the two creators.

Here we try to explain the drama between PewDiePie and Perry.


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PewDiePie Called Out Nikocado Avocado for Promoting Obesity 

Felix Kjellberg, best known by his online alias PewDiePie, recently uploaded a video titled 'I hate mukbang' where he discussed the Mukbang community on YouTube. 

Perry was one of the creators PewDiePie talked about on his video and accused him of "blatantly promoting obesity." He watched a handful of Perry's content and said he was "the American final boss of mukbangs."

PewDiePie then continued to express his displeasure with people who consume a lot of food. He stated he despised it because it grossed him out.

He also chastised YouTube and advised them to monitor the content on the platform. However, he agreed that while YouTube and creators in the Mukbang community might not condone it, children might be influenced by such videos.

I'm not saying YouTube needs to do anything about it, they just need to observe how it works. They're blatantly promoting obesity. I know the creators aren't condoning it, especially Nikocado — but kids are impressionable.

Nikocado Avocado Responds To The Controversy 

As soon as PewDiePie's video went live, the feud escalated and it was shared by many sources. As a result, Perry responded to the controversy by uploading a video titled 'Reacting to PewDiePie's video about me.'

He fueled the beef by calling PewDiePie "stupid," "an idiot," and "a hypocrite." He also said that PewDiePie did not make original content and simply did reaction videos nowadays. 

Perry pointed out that PewDiePie was a hypocrite for saying that Perry influenced kids negatively because the latter used to play video games. Similarly, he added PewDiePie was responsible for the 2017 chaos of YouTube. 

Back then, PewDiePie had said the N-word while playing video games. Moreover, he had allegedly shown anti-Semitic intentions with Nazi jokes. 

This had resulted in YouTube cutting ads from every creator's content which directly affected their net worth. This situation was publicly known as the 'adpocalypse.'

Similarly, Perry said that he did not promote obesity. Instead, he ate for other people. He claimed to be responsible for his viewers' weight loss since many people sent him letters saying so. 

Perry added his viewers could not afford to eat like him since every mukbang video he makes costs over a hundred dollars. He also noted that he was not responsible for children viewing his videos. 

This was because he claimed it was the parents' responsibility not to leave their kids unsupervised. Moreover, Perry pointed out that he is not the only one who promotes fast foods. 

Most fast-food chain restaurants have their ads on social media and billboards, so according to the YouTuber, kids might be influenced because of that. 

PewDiePie has not responded to Perry at the time of writing.