In recent years, Nick Zano earned huge fame for his portrayal of Dr. Nathaniel "Nate" Heywood / Steel on The CW Arrowverse spin-off series Legends of Tomorrow.

His character is a historian from Star City who gained the ability to transform himself into a steel-like form. Nate is also the grandson of Commander Steel, a member of the Justice Society of America.

Zano was first roped in to play a role in the second season, and by the end of the seventh season, he has had great moments in the show, appearing in 94 episodes.

But now, it looks like the actor has bid adieu to the long-running superhero television series.

According to Comicbook, the last episode of the seventh season, aired on March 2, 2022, served as Zano's final episode as a series regular. So yes, the 44-year-old actor is leaving Legends of Tomorrow.

Nick Zano Leaving 'Legends of Tomorrow'

Zano leaving Legends of Tomorrow means he is now one of the longest-running members of the show, with only Caity Lotz's character Sara Lance and Amy Pemberton's character Gideon beating him out for the title.

Not just that, his discontinuation from the series virtually dethrones every trace of the first two seasons from the Waverider, a timeship used as a mobile base of operations by the legends.

However, speaking with Comicbook, the actor admitted he was allowed to leave the show on his own terms. He reportedly wanted to spend more time with the two children he shares with his longtime partner, actress Leah Renee Cudmore.

Zano has reportedly been together with his partner since 2013; and subsequently welcomed their first baby, a son, in July 2016 and second child, a daughter, in 2018.

Nick Zano Has Messages for Fans and His Team

The fans of the show loved Zano because of which Zano took his time to appreciate them for everything over the years.

"There's literally no other fan base like the Legends fan base," he said. "And I have a really positive feeling that those are fan bases for life, and we collectively can hang our hat on that connection."

Nick Zano strikers pose with the members of 'Legends of Tomorrow.'

Nick Zano strikers pose with the members of 'Legends of Tomorrow.' (Photo: Instagram)

The actor reportedly had a beautiful experience of being close to the fans of Legends of Tomorrow, and he also felt that each fan had "a lot of heart."

During the previously mentioned conversation, he even asked fans not to feel sad about his exit. He explained he had to leave because his contract was up, and he wanted to spend time with his family.

Not just that, the actor also praised the writers and producers, whom he worked with for years.

"And I felt great with all my coworkers who were like my siblings," he said, implying he had the best time working with them.

"I don't think I'm ever going to have an opportunity to be in a situation like this, where I can actually say goodbye in a meaningful way, without shows getting canceled, show runners getting fired, actors getting fired."

After his last episode was aired, Zano took to Instagram and wrote a long caption, again thanking fans and his coworkers. He also shared some of his memorable moments [pictures] from his time in the show.