The circumstances of 2020 have led most of us to exhaust every movie list there is. From heartfelt comedies to bloodcurdling screamers, Netflix had a busy year. 

However, some movies might have slipped through the cracks, perhaps due to being sleepers, or unfortunately, a constant recommendation that turns one away from them. 

That is why we believe that it's a good time to give the following a shot if you are a die-hard fan of thrillers.

‘Bird Box’

While a movie that feels like A Quiet Place and The Happening doesn't sound too promising, Bird Box is a unique watch in its own right. 

With veteran actress Sandra Bullock as the lead, we see a mother desperately trying to survive the horrors of a supernatural force that drives one to commit suicide upon seeing it.

The solution, of course, is to blindfold yourself or lock up indoors with all windows covered, but that's where the true horror starts as other survivors have their morality spread thinly along with their rations. 

While some critics and audiences have scrutinized the movie, the portrayal of desperation overrides some dialogs that are at times flat and shallow.

The scenes are enough to put one in their seats and truly make one consider that perhaps the actual monsters are people themselves. 


One industry that is currently on the rise is the adult industry. With more and more options available for one to showcase their sensuality for monetary gain, it gets a bit too easy to dismiss that what we see is nothing but momentary carnal pleasure. 

However, for those involved in it for their livelihood, it is a story of passionate pursuit towards an art form. 

Cam finds Alice, played by Madeline Brewer, who goes by the name Lola on a cam site as a top model there. She got there by playing into the fantasy of going beyond the usual analogies of BDSM and controlled pain. 

She gave into her vulnerability and took the darker route, like staging her death. An example of niche marketing at its finest!

However, as her online fame and competition alike rise, one day, she discovers she can't log into her account anymore. Investigating further, she realizes that her internet persona has been hijacked by someone or something which looks and behaves exactly like her.

Cam starts light-hearted but soon festers into something mysterious, ominous, and cautionary of the modern world. 


Clinical is one of such movies that will either leave you satisfied or hating it to guts — there is no in-between. 

The movie explores the relationship between a psychiatrist and a patient, along with the impacts of PTSD in one’s life. Dr. Jane Mathis, portrayed by Vinessa Shaw, is a psychiatrist who has PTSD and sleep paralysis because of a terrible attack by a patient. 

Despite her doctor's advice, she maintains her practice and sees a new patient whose face has been badly damaged by a vehicle accident. 

However, strange things begin to happen in her house when she takes on this new patient. Clinical is guaranteed to put you on the edge of the seat and keep you guessing. 

‘In the Tall Grass’

In the Tall Grass does precisely what it says on the tin — something sinister and other-worldly lurks in the tall grass. Ditching the foggy and raining comfort zone of Maine, father-son duo Stephen King and Joe Hill came up with this set somewhere in mid-west America.

Together what they have created is a monster that steals the show rather than the characters. The field of the tall grass itself is a bigger mysterious entity that plays on people's psyche to trick them into walking into itself.

The grass then creates a maze, eventually trapping and killing its victim. Then, it entraps other people by reanimating the souls of those who have been lost to it. 

The movie is a slow burn, but true to the genre and the writers’ prowess, it ends with a bang. 


How much does one need to sacrifice for the sake of being perfect? If you're a cellist like Charlotte, played by Allison Williams, it might come at the cost of your childhood and innocence at the hands of a manipulative mentor. 

Perfection follows a child prodigy who had to leave the prestigious conservatory she was schooled in because of her mother's illness but found her way back to an event years later. 

She finds she had been replaced by another rising star, Lizzie, played by Logan Browning. The two seem to have a spark and get attracted to each other romantically.

However, at this point in the plot, things turn out to not be as they seem, and talking about it would be major spoilers. So, we highly recommend the entire experience. 

While critics are divided on this movie for either being a rollercoaster or being dismissive about the #metoo movement. Reviewers for the latter opinion claim that it glorifies revenge and feminist violence fetishized through a misogynistic lens. 

While that argument is valid to some points of the film, we appreciate it for what it is by itself — a revenge flick full of twists, turns, and a satisfyingly gruesome finish.