Nate Diaz is one of UFC’s veteran fighters. He has been a well-known mixed martial artist for well over a decade. Over the years, he has fought in dozens of UFC events, with some against other fighting stars such as Conor McGregor, Anthony Pettis, and Jorge Misvidal.

Diaz is loved by millions of UFC fans all over the world and through his fights inside the octagon, he has amassed over 5.2 million followers on his Instagram. He often takes to social media to make posts about his training and fights, but remains very secretive about his personal life.

Here’s a look at what we know about Diaz’s career, family, girlfriend, and daughter.

UFC Career And Net Worth

Diaz has been in the spotlight ever since he made his debut as a UFC fighter in 2006. Bursting onto the scene as the winner of The Ultimate Fighter 5, he attracted much attention from his early days.

The mixed martial artist has remained one of the most talked about athletes in the sport since then and has generated much hype for his expected return to the octagon in December 2021.


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Diaz has talked about having changed the game with his fights on multiple occasions. In a tweet reminiscing his UFC 202 fight, which took place on August 20, 2016, he claimed he had started the super fight era.

The start of the super fight era. You’re welcome Floyd, the Paul sisters and youtuber around the world. It’s a new day in age I told you I was changing the game @arielhelwani. I might not get the credit, but I’ll take the ************ credit. Don’t forget before I fought Conor I was the biggest name he ever fought too.

UFC 202 is Diaz’s biggest event to date, and he earned a base salary of  $2 million for the fight. He made another $450,000 from sponsorships and bonuses, and an additional $10.5 million from his cut of the pay-per-view revenue.

According to Sportskeeda, Diaz’s net worth was around $8 million in 2020.

Has A Daughter With Girlfriend Misty Brown

Unlike how Diaz talks about his fights and his career, he is very private about his family life. The UFC star has been dating his girlfriend, Misty Brown, since 2012, and both of them have kept their private life under wraps.

Back in 2018, the couple welcomed daughter Nikayla Diaz on June 6 at California Hospital. Following her birth, not much has been revealed about her, as both Diaz and his girlfriend are very selective about what they post on social media.

After Brown gave birth to Diaz’s daughter, people began wondering if the two would finally tie the knot since they had known each other for a very long time and had even welcomed a child together. However, Diaz has not talked about taking his girlfriend as his wife yet.