Canadian actress Millie Davis entered the acting industry when she was one year old. She was the voice of Serena on Super Why! in 2007.

Later in 2011, she officially starred as a child actor in the movie Befriend and Betray, kick-starting her career. She continued to appear on projects like DozersAnnedroidsOrphan BlackOdd Squad, and recently Detention Adventure

Her over-a-decade-long career at 16 would not have been possible without her family's constant support. She and her brother remain grateful for her parents' understanding of their passion. 

Millie Davis's Parents Are Acting Teachers

Davis was born to mother Megan Davis and father Wayne Davis. Her parents operate an acting school called CharActors Theater Group in Markham, Canada.

She grew up being around actors because of her family's profession. She started singing, acting, and dancing in their theater. She also partook in the yearly musical of CharActors, Echos, featured in the Toronto Fringe Festival. 

From introducing her to acting, her parents managed her auditions and her Twitter profile. They accompanied her during long shoots. For her role as Summer in the feature film Wonder, she had to stay in Vancouver for two months in 2018. So, her mother went with her as her manager and guardian. 

Millie Davis's parents helped her in the acting industry.

Davis with her father, Wayne Davis, who runs a theater company in Markham. (Photo: Millie Davis/Instagram)

As a child actor, Davis has a long schedule and a handful of projects requiring her attention. Nevertheless, she tries to balance her acting duties and spend quality time with her family.

In a 2018 interview with Tresa Magazine, she shared that other than a filming week, she separated her time to focus on school, friends, and family. 

Millie Davis's Brother Inspired Her to Try Acting 

Millie’s older brother, Drew Davis, is also an actor. He has appeared alongside Millie on projects like Odd Squad, Orphan Black, and Annedroids and is best known for his work on series like Big Top Academy, Heartland, and Overlord and the Underwoods

The young actress watched her brother go to auditions and practice acting in their theater. His career trajectory at a young age inspired her to try it, eventually landing her profession. 

“I have always been around singing, dancing and acting because of my parents’ musical theater school. As well, my brother started before me and when I saw him work, I wanted to try it for myself,” she told Tresa.

She even sang praises of him while wishing him on his 18th birthday on February 20, 2022. She uploaded pictures with her brother on Instagram and wrote, "You’ve always been by my side and I’m so lucky to have you in my life. Wishing you happiness, success, and lots of fun in your adult years!!"