Iconic musicians and longtime best friends Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift have collaborated yet again, and everything really has changed!

After dropping hints about their new single ‘The Joker And The Queen,’ they released the highly anticipated music video on February 10, 2022. 

'The Joker And The Queen’ continues the storyline from Swift’s 2013 music video of ‘Everything Has Changed.’ 

And with the emotional song, they have delivered a blast of nostalgia as they cast the original child actors, Ava Ames and Jack Lewis. 

Nearly ten years later, Ames and Lewis are almost unrecognizable. 

The single is from Sheeran’s 2021 album titled simply with an equal sign.

When the ‘Shape of You’ singer wrote the music for ‘The Joker And The Queen,’ Sheeran revealed he thought of the songstress for an ultimate reimagining of the song.

Ava Ames and Jack Lewis

Ava Ames and Jack Lewis as young Taylor Swift and young Ed Sheeran on 'The Joker and The Queen' music video. (Source: Ed Sheeran/YouTube)

This marks the duo’s fourth collaboration. The singers started with 2012’s ‘Everything Has Changed.’ 

They continued with ‘End Game’ (2017) and ‘Run (Taylor’s Version)’ from her 2021 re-release of her Red album.

‘The Joker And The Queen’ Release

In the latest video, Ames and Lewis star as 18-year-olds heading to college to begin their new life. 

But there seems to be tension between the two best friends from the original ‘Everything Has Changed’ video. 

The former friends are not as close and avoid each other at parties.

In the original video, Ames and Lewis, who took on the role of young Swift and Sheeran, met for the first time in elementary school. 

The kids hit it off and became best friends immediately, having lunch together and basically spending all their time with each other. 

It seemed like the beginning of a beautiful love story with a fairytale ending, but the recent video shows things took a different turn.

Despite a completely different scenario in the latest video, fans commended the artists for bringing back the kids. 

In the YouTube video's comment section, one user wrote, “the artistic choice to get those two children back nine years later to reprise their roles is totally genius!’

They added that this was why the singers were successful and deservedly so.

Ava Ames and Jack Lewis

The kids first met on the set of Swift and Sheeran's first music video.

Ava Ames and Jack Lewis reunion

Ava Ames and Jack Lewis reunion. (Source: Ava Ames/Instagram)

It appears they kept in contact even after the video shoot with Ames sharing a reunion photo in 2018 captioned: "EHC reunion."

The duo is now all grown up, and according to Capital FM, Ames has graduated from high school. The child actor even has a boyfriend in real life.

As for her co-star, he is relatively private about his life and stays away from social media.

But he does share glimpses of his life in Southern California on an Instagram account he shares with his two other brothers.

In January, Lewis shared several photos, including one with his co-star Ames from his visit to Swift's hometown of Nashville. 

In the caption, he wrote, "the first free minute we had in Nashville was at 11:30 at night but we just had to see some of the city."

As the star in 'The Joker And The Queen' video, he was probably asked to keep the music video a secret, but the caption hinted they were filming the video.