Television personality Mike Sorrentino and his older brother Maximo Sorrentino's relationship, seems to be heading south.

On Tuesday, September 21, Mike, also known as The Situation, reportedly called the police after his sibling showed up at his New Jersey home with many gift bags. The details were later confirmed by the TV personality's rep while speaking to TMZ.

The rep further shared that Maximo visited his brother's house to drop off gifts he had bought for his nephew [Mike's newborn son], Romeo Reign Sorrentino.

During his visit, he excessively rang multiple doorbells, peered inside the house through the glass, waited a bit, and eventually decided to leave, keeping all the presents hanging on the doorknob.

Meanwhile, Mike, who was inside the house at that time, watched his brother do stuff outside before calling cops, who reportedly arrived at the place in less than a minute. The officers immediately ran into Maximo on his way out and briefed him about the situation.

According to the rep, the police told him he could not be there unless Mike personally invited him and subsequently asked him to leave the house.

In his defense, Maximo stated he was only dropping off Puma BMW tracksuits for his brother Mike and nephew Romeo while expressing his sadness over his brother calling the police on him. He also added if he were in Mike's position, he would have never done that.

Mike Sorrentino's Rocky History with Brother Maximo Sorrentino

Many might wonder what's wrong with the brothers, but the duo has a history of sourness they shared in the recent past.

TMZ also reported that Mike previously filed harassment claims multiple times against Maximo because he felt his brother behaved erratically.

The most recent lawsuit was filed in July 2021. Hence, due to those reasons, the Jersey Shore star lately has been protective of his wife, Lauren, and son, Romeo.

The feud goes way back to 2014, when things grew sour in their relationship after being indicted for tax offenses and conspiring to defraud the United States.

Following the charges, Maximo was sentenced to 24 months in prison. Years later, Mike was also pled guilty to one count of tax evasion, with prosecutors seeking a prison sentence of 14 months for him.

Speaking to Radar Online in 2018, Maximo admitted that he and his brother had "hit a rocky road," like any siblings in any family.

We had gotten into a crazy fight and that lead to the police being called. But more recently he blocked me on twitter. I don't know why he blocked me. This is the reality of our life.

In the same interview, the older brother also seemed optimistic about repairing his relationship with his younger brother, saying, "blood is thicker than water." He added that even though he and his brother were not talking, he still loved Mike, and he would always be there to support him if his brother needed someone to talk to.

That said, the relationship currently does not seem to be smooth, but we can hope the brothers clear their differences and stay as a happy family.