The original Tiktokroom uploaded a screen grab of Michael Weist’s announcement regarding his fall out with YouTuber Danielle Cohn on June 20, 2022.

Weist noted he had sued Cohn, and they were scheduled to appear in court on June 23, 2022. He also disclosed he had sued Cohn’s boyfriend, Mason Patterson. 

In the comments section, netizens had mixed reactions, with some claiming Weist needed to leave Cohn alone while others noted he did the right thing and that Cohn deserved it. 

One user defended Cohn, writing, “why do u gonna bring it to social media, dude wtf? We don’t care. it is your business, not ours.”

While another one wrote, “Oh my gosh leave her alone whatever happens in her life has nothing to do with you, my dude.”

But there were also users defending Weist. 

Michael Weist files a lawsuit against Danielle Cohn and her boyfriend

Michael Weist files a lawsuit against Danielle Cohn and her boyfriend. (Source: The original Tiktokroom/Instagram)

“For the people who wanna know why is he suing Danielle Cohn and Mason, it’s for defamation and she didn’t respect her contract with him same with Mason,” explained one user. 

The Fallout between Michael Weist and Danielle Cohn

It all started when Cohn catapulted to fame on YouTube and TikTok and used it to springboard her music career. 

Initially, her mother was managing her career, but because her fans advised her to hire a professional manager, she ended up working with Weist. 

In a video titled ‘Addressing The Hate + Full Truth,' she opened up about how her relationship deteriorated with Weist after he allegedly lied about her finances and contract. 

She did not mention Weist’s name, but fans knew she was referring to him. This new manager was allegedly stealing money from her. She also alleged that this manager told her he forged her name and owned her. 


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The YouTuber expressed regret at having listened to her fans. She iterated she trusted her mother more than “strangers” because they stole from her. 

Michael Weist Responds to Danielle Cohn

On August 22, 2021, Weist uploaded a video titled ‘The Truth About my Client Danielle Cohn’ and opened up about his relationship with Cohn.

He noted he was making this video to clarify certain things that were being said about him. 

Weist listed everything he had done for the YouTuber and her mother, Jennifer, from spending money for Cohn’s birthday dinners to helping them pack up when they shifted to Los Angeles from Florida.

In addition, he still had not been paid for all the music videos produced.

The manager also addressed everything that happened with Cohn’s documentary ‘Obsessed.’ Weist noted he stopped filming the documentary after things took a dark turn. 

He accused Cohn’s mother of “pimping her daughter” and abusing her daughter for money. The manager then addressed the accusations levied by Cohn in the video mentioned above. 

Weist admittedly had stolen no money from her and only claimed revenue that he brought in from the documentary he had produced. 

He also promised to sue Cohn and her mother for defamation and slander. And now it looks like he was not fooling around.