Married at First Sight (MAFS) is a reality show where strangers participate in a social experiment to find true love. Here, the strangers looking for love are paired by love experts and meet their partners for the first time at the altar. 

Then, the ‘newly weds’ go on honeymoon and live together. Finally, after six weeks of their wedding, the pair makes their final decision — either stay together or get divorced. 

The fan-favorite franchise initially started in Denmark and spread to various countries like the UK, the USA, and Germany. One of the most successful ones is MAFS Australia, which premiered on May 18, 2015. 

On February 22, 2021, the eighth season was released. There, a couple astonished the viewers — Melissa Rawson and Bryce Ruthven, and became one of the most controversial couples in the franchise. 

Twins and Wedding 

After six weeks of their unofficial wedding, Rawson and Ruthven decided to stay together outside the experiment. In the show, they had also discussed starting a family. 

Many fans did not believe they would pull through, given how their relationship was portrayed on the show. However, the duo proved them all wrong with a cover shoot with New Idea magazine

On July 12, 2021, they announced they were engaged and expecting twins. Ruthven proposed to his girl on a surprise date while flying over Melbourne.

Regardless of everything happening so quickly, the duo is thrilled with their current situation. 

This is the first time in the history of MAFS where a couple is pregnant with twins. Nevertheless, the pair are ready to put the show behind them. 

We’d already been married on the show and, with our relationship getting stronger, this just felt like the logical next step.

They clarified they are deeply in love with each other, and their relationship flourished outside of cameras. Regardless of how MAFS portrayed him, Ruthven knows he is the one who can make his fiancée the happiest. 

While the pair are excited about their wedding, they are waiting for their kids to be born. The soon-to-be parents have already made plans to build cots and nurseries for their twins. 

Talking about their wedding, it will be nothing like the one on the show. It will be low-key without a job for the love experts from MAFS since they are “definitely not invited." 

Regardless, Ruthven has plans to invite a few groomsmen from the show. The couple has not announced their wedding date yet, but their two bundles of joy would surely be there to walk with them down the aisle.


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As someone who thought her life was over at the age of 30, Rawson has everything coming together. She now has a man who loves her a lot, two kids on the way, and a beautiful wedding. 

The twins are due in December 2021, so presumably, the wedding will be held in 2022. 

Controversies and Rumors 

On MAFS Australia Season 8, Rawson and Ruthven were the most controversial couple. 

Rawson is a workplace trainer from Melbourne, whereas Ruthven is a radio announcer from Canberra.

Ruthven was accused of gaslighting, emotionally manipulating, and cheating on Rawson. There was also a massive petition to investigate their toxic relationship and end it. 


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While everything was mere speculation from the show’s fans, it took a mental toll on the duo. It had Rawson feeling suicidal while her beau believed it ruined his life and destroyed his reputation.  

Both of them have accused the producers of MAFS Australia of spinning the narrative and using them for ratings. Ruthven also clarified the cheating rumors saying “the whole thing was made up.”

Amongst all the accusations thrown around them, the pair founds solace in each other’s arms. They supported one another and now have been able to put everything in the past.