SPOILER WARNING: Plot and ending details for Episodes follow

Matt LeBlanc is an actor, television producer, and comedian best known for his portrayal of Joey Tribbiani on Friends and its spin-off Joey.

Friends ended in 2004, and the actor reprised his role on Joey. Unfortunately, it was canceled by NBC after two seasons because of poor ratings.

Tribbiani has been such a massive part of LeBlanc's life. The shadow of Tribbiani has always followed him since the premiere of Friends in 1994.

After Joey, he took a hiatus for five years. But in 2011, LeBlanc came back with a bang with Episodes to throw the Tribbiani shadow out of the window.

Episodes is an acclaimed British-American sitcom that revolves around a couple trying to make it big in Hollywood. They are trying to make a remake of their successful British TV show but end up with different results. 

Episodes aired from January 9, 2011, to October 8, 2017, on BBC one and Showtime with five seasons and 41 episodes. 

LeBlanc was highly acclaimed for this series. He has been nominated for four Primetime Emmy Awards and won a Golden Globe Award for Best Actor - more than he earned from Friends

Throughout the series, there are many memorable and iconic moments. However, the following are the five best moments from Episodes


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The Tape 

Morning Randolph is a prominent actress who is hired by the network to play opposite to LeBlanc's character on Pucks. On season 4, episode 5, Randolph and LeBlanc are standing in front of their studio having a smoke. 

Then, Randolph tells the actor that indecent tapes pay a lot of money and they should make one. LeBlanc is reluctant and weirded out about the offer and says no. 

However, Randolph reminds him they don't need to make a new one since he has an old one of them from years ago. Back then, she was the famous one for starring in Kelly Girl, and LeBlanc was "no-one" because he had not got his big break on Friends

LeBlanc gets astonished by that, and Randolph is surprised that the actor does not remember her. LeBlanc pretends to remember to give the actress some hope but says "no" after a long pause. 

Bumping Into David Schwimmer

In season 4, episode 5, LeBlanc is attending a party where he meets his Friends co-star, David Schwimmer. Of course, both of them are shocked to see each other, but it is a bitter-sweet reunion. 

They talk about the party and the dress code. After a while, they make their way to have caviar, but that is when Schwimmer asks for a ride back because someone shot his driver. 

Schwimmer walks ahead, leaving a befuddled LeBlanc behind. 

Alternative Career

In season 1, episode 3 of the series, Sean Lincoln, co-creator of Pucks, and LeBlanc are having a conversation about careers. Lincoln talks about his family and how they are all doctors, but he is the odd-one-out. 

Lincoln then asks LeBlanc what he would do if he weren't an actor, and LeBlanc replies - formula one driver or pornstar.

Lincoln ponders the pornstar as a career option and asks if LeBlanc had what it took to be one. 

The actor proudly says that his phallus is like his "third arm," and he was born with it, leaving Lincoln flabbergasted. 

Matthew Perry and David Schwimmer

In season 2, episode 6, LeBlanc tries calling his Friends cast, Matthew Perry and Schwimmer. LeBlanc backbites about Perry with Schwimmer and vice versa, not realizing that they still talk to each other. 

He goes back and forth, calling them, and is shocked when he doesn't receive any help. 

Dad Is No More 

In season 5, episode 5, LeBlanc's father unexpectedly dies while shopping with his partner Linda at a Target store. Amidst all the chaos, LeBlanc needs to plan the funeral.

He had a rocky relationship with his father, yet, in the end, he wanted to do something good for him. As a result, LeBlanc gifts Linda and his mother, each an urn filled with the ashes of steaks he had cooked.

Then, he drives to the beach to scatter his father's ashes. Unfortunately, while he was scattering the ashes, the wind blows in his direction, making the ashes blow on his face. 

The scene is extremely emotional and heartbreaking since the one thing LeBlanc wanted to do for his father, and he couldn't.