It's been over a decade since Nickelodeon's Victorious introduced audiences to Matt Bennett, and fans of the show cannot help but wonder what he is up to now. 

Bennett starred as Robbin Shapiro, an awkward Hollywood Arts High School student who was always seen with his ventriloquist dummy, Rex.

Shapiro was best friends with Cat, portrayed by Ariana Grande. The best friends also assumedly had crushes on each other.

A Look at Matt Bennett now

A Look at Matt Bennett now (Source: Matt Bennett/Instagram)

The musical sitcom premiered in 2010 and is the reason catapulted Bennett to fame.

He already had prior experience on the silver screen when he landed his first role on TV in the 2009 pilot for Adult Swim's Totally for Teens. 

The following year, he debuted in Adam McKay and Will Ferrell's "mockumentary," The Virginity Hit.

Now, despite that being the case, his most notable role to date was, unarguably, on Victorious

The show ended in 2013, and since then, Bennett has continued his career in the limelight. 

Here is a breakdown of the actor's life now, after the popular Nickelodeon show. 

Matt Bennett's Career Now

After Victorious, Bennett hosted a web series entitled "Nerdy Jobs" for the YouTube channel Nerdist. 

In the series, the actor featured the ins and outs behind the scenes of various "Nerdy" jobs to show viewers how interesting they were.

On June 23, 2014, Bennett appeared in the popular YouTube video "The Slap" with his Victorious co-star, Elizabeth Gillies. The two of them fooled around while pretending to slap each other. 

Almost a year later, the actor starred as Grande's love interest in her 'One last time' music video. 

Needless to say, Victorious fans were over the moon at the mini-reunion between the co-stars. 

Apart from these appearances, he also had a cameo in the Nickelodeon series Game Shakers, in the episode "Tiny Pickles," and films like Me and Earl and the Dying Girl and The Stanford Prison Experiment. 

In 2016, he returned to TV starring as Corey, a self-proclaimed cinephile, on the sitcom Fresh Off the Boat.

That same year, he announced during a Snapchat press that he was releasing his debut studio album, Terminal Cases, in June. 


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As a big-time Robbie Williams fan, the singer was inspired by the artist and claimed that the album was a creative outlet to channel all the negativity in his life. 

Matt Bennett Sings for Ariana Grande

In July 2020, the singer used his vocal chops to pay tribute to none other than his co-star and long-time friend, Grande. 

For the 'Side to Side' singer's 27th birthday, Bennett released his version of Thank U, Next, Grande's no.1 album on the Billboard 200 in 2019.

The album was created in collaboration with producer Shintaro Yasuda and had a cover of its own with a photo of the actor upside down on the floor, wearing Grande's merchandise.

It included songs like '7 Rings,' 'Thank U, Next,' 'Needy,' and 'Bloodline.'

Grande shared her appreciation for the album on Twitter.

She called the birthday present the "most insane surprise ever" and requested him to release his cover of 'In My Head' next.