Gospel artist Marvin Sapp's wife MaLinda Prince Sapp passed away, aged forty-three, in 2010.

According to Sapp's record label, Variety Records, MaLinda died after her long fight with colon cancer.

Professionally, she was a counselor and administrative pastor at Lighthouse Full Life Center Church, owned by her husband in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Sapp shares three children with his late wife, including their daughters Madisson Sapp and MiKaila Sapp, and their son, Marvin II Sapp.

Marvin Sapp Raised His Children after His Wife

During his chat with Keyaira Kelly in 2018, the 'Here I Am' hitmaker opened up about his experience raising three children as a single father.

Sapp shared the biggest obstacle he faced while playing an active part in his children's upbringing was that he had to do everything by himself, something which did not come to him as a choice but by default.

Because of his wife's passing, the gospel singer found himself in a position where he "really did not" have a choice other than to fulfill his duties toward his children.

Sapp noted how before MaLinda's death, he was a fun dad while his late wife provided stability to their household.

Marvin Sapp with his late wife McLinda Prince Sapp

Marvin Sapp, pictured with his late wife McLinda Prince Sapp. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

Later, he took on the added responsibilities, especially of his two young daughters, who were eleven and thirteen, respectively.

The singer highlighted how he was suddenly in a situation where he had to learn about the physical changes occurring in his daughters to help them.

Sapp told Kelly that he had to learn about "that stuff" from Google, which turned out to be a big help to him.

"Google is an amazing friend to me and I told people Google is next best thing to god," he said.

The gospel icon wasn't just doing all he could. He also took timely feedbacks from his daughter on "many occasions," asking them whether he was supporting them in the right way.

Sapp claimed he performed his parental duties in a pretty good way and humorously said that he would rate his efforts with an A-, "just enough" to keep himself humble.

When asked what he learned from the experience, Sapp confessed to learning he could handle the responsibilities of his children, having doubted his abilities prior.

Marvin Sapp's Dating Rumor

In October 2012, the entertainer was reported to be in a love affair with Basketball Wives' star Imani Showalter.

According to reports, Sapp met her at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, where he was involved with Verizon's How Sweet the Sound Choir as a judge.

Marvin Sapp, who lost his wife to cancer, raised his children by himself.

Marvin Sapp pictured "all smiles" in a selfie posted on his social media. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

After their initial meeting, Sapp stayed in touch with Showalter and later flew her to his church in Grand Rapids.

Reportedly, the musician and his supposed love interest were inseparable, with Sapp taking Showalter to his numerous concerts and preachings.

In addition, Showalter, Sapp's rumored girlfriend, was by his side when he co-hosted the prestigious Gospel Awards in Nashville in 2012.

Like Sapp, Showalter was also a single parent with three children from her previous relationship with NBA star Stephen Jackson.

The coming-together of the musician and the television personality was also a much talked about topic on social media, with their fans voicing their opinions regarding the rumored relationship.