If, during the entirety of 2020, there was one person in the music industry who could be the face of "an overnight success," it would probably be Mario Judah.

The singer and internet sensation went viral after releasing just two songs, that too on SoundCloud. 'Die Very Rough,' the song that went viral, became the 2020's 75th most-hummed song in the US.

This made Judah, a rap-rock artist who discovered he could sing only after the tune's release, a sensation over a couple of weeks. Aiding his virality was his iconic red hair and singing style.

But the singer disappeared as quickly as he came up, leaving everyone to wonder what had happened to him. People are even Googling questions like "Is Mario Judah still alive?" among other things.

He is still alive but had not appeared on the internet for over three months.

Who Is Mario Judah?

A bit of history about Judah might serve better first.

Mario Diamond-Judah Douglas was born on December 6, 1999, in Flint, Michigan. Born to Ugandan parents, he soon moved to Atlanta, Georgia, where he spent most of his growing years.

Considered a math prodigy growing up, he always had a liking for music. But it was only when he turned 15 that he started to create beats.

After getting out of military school, which his father put him in, he delved into FL studio, a music-creating program. The first time he used the application (he was 17), he got intoxicated.

Mario Judah, who is still alive, is now rumored to be making songs with Trippie Redd.

Mario Judah in February 2021. (Photo: Mario Judah/Instagram)

So he put everything aside and focused purely on making music, starting off wanting to be a producer and only creating beats.

But, as the pandemic started, he was pushed into a bad state of mind. "I was down, bro. I was down to the bottom," he told Complex in December 2020.

In early January 2020, as his beat-making business was getting him nowhere, he started writing songs. However, that did not work out that well, either, making his mental state even worse.

So, feeling like he had nothing to lose, he created a beat and sang over it. As soon as he set up to sing over the beat, he realized his singing ability was something of "a treasure or a cheat code."

Then, he recorded the song, named it 'Die Very Rough,' and put it up on SoundCloud in September 2020. It caught fire within weeks, and many established artists sang praises of the song.

His fame rose constantly after this, performing at Rolling Loud and covering other people's songs. Then, in a twist, he put his own projects on hold and went after Playboi Carti.

He gave him an ultimatum to release his album, Whole Lotta Red, and threatened he would release his own version of it if he did not. When the deadline, December 6, 2020, passed, he released his own version of the album on December 11, 2020.

Throughout 2021, he released two singles. But as the end of 2021 approached, his online presence started declining. Then he disappeared.

What Happened to Mario Judah?

If we look at Judah's Instagram, the last post there dates back to December 29, 2021. His Twitter activity stopped even earlier — his last tweet: "Good Morning Ragers," came on May 7, 2021.

Judah's inactivity on Twitter started right around the time an intimate tape, allegedly of him with another man, leaked on the internet. And like 'Die Very Rough,' this, too, became viral quickly.

Even though none of their faces were visible, the red hair of the person in the clip made everyone think it was Judah.

The leak generated a lot of memes and funny tweets, with fans saying they were "traumatized" after watching the video.

Whether Judah went off social media to protect himself from the trolling or just to focus on other things, only he knows. But his inactivity led a lot of people to question why and if he was still alive.

Many still spam comments on his Instagram posts and tweets, hoping to elicit a response from the viral hit-maker.

However, the confirmation of Judah being alive and well came not from him but from another artist — Trippie Redd.

On July 20, 2022, redd uploaded a story on his Instagram showing Judah. In the clip, the singer was in his natural habitat — a place where music is made — doing what he does best, screaming into the microphone over a catchy beat.

His return from hiding sparked rumors about a collaboration with Redd. But nothing has been confirmed yet.