22-year-old Madison Beer — renowned as a singer, songwriter, and internet personality — rose to fame in 2012 after Justin Bieber posted a video of the then-13-year-old singer covering Etta James' song 'At Last' on Twitter.

She subsequently capitalized on the substantial media coverage and gained further fame for her singing abilities and social media presence. Another thing that kept her in the news was the drama centered around her plastic surgery and lip fillers.

The drama got more serious around early 2020 when some disgruntled fans called out Beer for "setting unrealistic body and face standards for young women" while allegedly having cosmetic surgery herself.

It got so far that social media star Katie Kelly even accused her of "lying" and setting unrealistic beauty standards. Beer responded by revealing that she had her lips done when she was younger and regretted it at present. 

But is there a significant difference in Beer before and after having lip fillers? Also, did she really pour silicone inside her lips?

Admitted Going Back To before-Fillers Lips

In an Instagram Live session on June 21, 2021, Beer opened up about various frequently asked questions about her lips. She particularly answered someone who asked, "your lips look so small," by revealing that she had got her lip fillers dissolved some time ago.

She continued to say that people still didn't want to believe that she had it done and opted for her before-fillers lips. "I really didn't like the way that they looked," she added, saying she was not impressed with her after-surgery looks.

How She Got Her Silicone Lip Fillers

In the same video, the 'Melodies' singer disclosed her story of getting silicone into her lips was traumatic. She said that when she was 15-16, she injected silicone into her lips but surprisingly, it was done against her will. She added to the story, saying,

I actually had silicone injected into my lips which is not something that you're supposed to have injected into your lips. But I was I was uh I was over royally by someone extremely shady that came to my house which should have been a red flag and put silicone in my face which is really bad.

So, following that, she always felt bumpy and weird around her lips, with no idea whatsoever of having silicone-filled inside her lips. She came to know that she had silicone inside her when she visited an actual surgeon to redo her lip fillers.


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The surgeon told her she had silicone, and if she wanted to get it out, he had to cut it out from her lips. And that wasn't something she wanted to do and ruin her lips again - hence, the silicone is still left inside her lips but luckily for her, it is not ruining her looks or health.

Beer before and after the Surgery

The internet personality now claims that she is back to her before-fillers lips after dissolving her lip fillers. 

"I hated it," she added in another Instagram Live in 2020, addressing all the comments questioning her beauty. "I got them dissolved. This [referring to the present self] is literally my [expletive] natural face." Saying that, she implied that her before and after the surgery look was the same, and she was happy with it.