Lovely Peaches, real name Brittany Johnston, has become a hot topic on the internet over the years for all the wrong reasons.

From controversial statements, disturbing photos, and alarming behavior, she has never shied away from bringing up highly unconventional topics and triggering repulsion repeatedly.

Courtesy of her active indulgence on social media platforms, the rumors of her death spurred out once she became absent from TikTok, circa May 2020. And her fans couldn't help but wonder — is lovely peaches dead and if not.

Where Is Lovely Peaches Now?

Although speculations of Johnson's death spread in mid-2020, there was no truth in it. She had only stopped using TikTok. It's not sure if she deleted her account on purpose or was permanently banned from the platform, but she was no more on TikTok.

That being said, she became active on other platforms, such as Instagram and Twitter.

And as per her Instagram account, she has been channeling her fans to earn money by clicking a particular link on her bio. On October 31, 2021, the content creator shared that her father had brought a pair of Nikes from the money he received from the site that hosted surveys and online games.

Besides, it is safe to say that her personal life has also been eventful. On October 16, 2021, she shared a video of being intimate with a man and wrote "#couplegoals" in the caption. However, she didn't reveal the identity of her partner. 

Lovely Peaches' Controversy over the Years

Johnson first caught attention with her notorious TikTok and Snapchat videos where she ate bodily secretions, including feces and period blood. She stopped devouring those matters after getting pregnant and giving birth to her daughter, Cora.

However, things intensified as she made claims of having abused her infant. In addition, she sometimes falsely claimed to have sold the child to girl traffickers or even murdered her. Her followers even saw her shouting at Cora and sharing her ideas on how the child would be abused. 

As her followers criticized her and brought needed lawful attention to her behavior, she stopped making derogatory content about her daughter.

A recent snap of Lovely Peaches clicked inside a car.

A recent snap of Lovely Peaches clicked inside a car. (Photo: Instagram)

To everyone's dismay, she started bringing up fellow TikToker, Charli D'Amelio, saying out loud how she had hired a 30-year-old man to assault D'Amelio.

Her antics only escalated after that. And in January 2021, she was arrested on animal cruelty charges for posting disturbing photos and videos of her dog, Max. 

In the viral video, she was seen spraying perfume on his face and claimed to have broken his leg. Right after that, she announced that her Jack Russell Terrier was dead. However, the statement turned out to be fake when the DeKalb County Police Department went to her house for investigation.

Following this, the Animal Services took the dog in. As for Johnson, she was released from jail after paying bond money.