From creating anti-vax conspiracies to throwing other contemporaries under the bus, musical artist, Summer Walker can’t stop being dragged into drama.

Previously, she had called out her ex-partner and record producer, London on da Track, for being a pathological liar, narcissist, and a deadbeat dad. The two share a kid.

Track’s previous partners, baby mama Eboni Vori and baby mama Erica Racine, came to his defense. They called Walker out for being unnecessarily aggressive, simply because he didn't want to be with her.

The last time we spoke about this issue, Walker stated Track was mad because she was seeing a new man now, and wouldn’t prod the topic anymore. 

Did she stick to her words? Well… surprising developments have come up from the baby mamas.

Eboni Vori’s Words Were Bought

Today, Vori posted on her Instagram stories that she was paid to make Track look good. However, the punchline was that the dough never came through.

She further commented that Track liked to think he was in control of every situation. She explained he had many faces and wore them according to the trouble he found himself in.

Vori then admitted that she was wrong in going against Walker’s statement for a little cash. They may still have their differences, but Track is something they have in common. 

That’s one way of saying that the enemy of one’s enemy is a friend. 

Erica Racine Exposes Eboni Vori

It seems that no one will emerge from this beef unscathed. Screenshots of DM’s from earlier this week show Racine talking to Vori about being an irresponsible parent to her child. 

While it is pretty confusing, for all parties, Vori’s daughter, Paris, was supposed to be with Track. However, the producer never came through, and she was with Racine.

This was an inconvenience to Racine as she had to go to work. More recently, too, Racine clapped at Vori for not knowing where her kid was and how she always pinned her daughter to other people and set off.

Racine has put out more receipts on her Instagram stories that shed more light on the issue. According to her, Track had kept Paris and son London Jr. for three weeks.

Vori was supposed to drop the kids at Racine’s place and come back an hour later to pick Paris up and drop her off at her grandma’s place. However, she never came back to pick her up.

Thus, an errand that was supposed to be an hour-long has now been three days. Racine also pointed out that she doesn’t know where Vori is, but she is not coming back unless she gets a car and the money she was supposed to receive from Track.

Vori can be seen in the screenshots saying that Racine can send the child back to Track.

Eboni Vori Claps Back

In the screenshot, Racine has shared that Vori was seen calling her Track’s “guard dog.” She echoed the same sentiment in another Instagram story of hers.

She clapped back, saying Racine had fallen for Track’s tricks. She continued that while they have been chilling and sending screenshots back and forth on this issue, Racine doesn’t realize the scam she is in.

Vori also reminded Racine about how she had been compelled to cry over Track once in the past. But, with all the mess among the baby mamas, Walker has made no statement.

One can only imagine her basking in all this drama.