According to scientists, each person has approximately six doppelgangers in the world.

And it seems like we have found at least two of them for the Spider-Man: Homecoming actor Logan Marshall-Green — his twin brother, Taylor Marshall-Green and Tom Hardy

Fans have always been confused between the Hollywood lookalike actors Marshall-Green and Hardy because of their striking physical resemblance. However, the similarities don't end there; they share the same ages and have appeared on-screen in comparable roles.

Marshall-Green and his twin brother were born in Charleston, South California, on November 1, 1976, whereas Hardy was born in London, England, on September 15, 1977.

It became more perplexing for the fans when the pair took the stage together at the Prometheus premiere in London.

Many mistook Hardy for Marshall-Green when he entered the red carpet. Marshall-Green, however, arrived on the scene and at the after-party a while later, further complicating matters.

When asked about it, Marshall-Green said he would be "honored to be in the same sentence as Tom Hardy" in a 2012 interaction with Oh No They Didn't

“I’ve been a twin since the day I was born—fraternal, but we look a lot alike—so I’ve already been mixed up with another man my entire life," he explained.

Tom Hardy and Logan Marshall-Green's Similar Roles

One reason fans get confused about the duo might be because they have portrayed similar roles throughout their career. 

In the mid-2010s, the actors featured in two separate blockbuster movies as the antagonists with a long-bearded look — Marshall-Green in Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017) and Hardy in The Revenant (2015). 

Marshall-Green played Jackson Brice in Spider-Man: Homecoming, who seemed freakingly identical to Hardy in part. To complicate the situation, the latter had portrayed Eddie Rock in the stand-alone film Venom and also Spider-Man: Homecoming.

Both the actors have also sported slightly short beards — Hardy in Peaky Blinders and Marshall-Green in The Invitation.

In the same decade, they also played two strong sci-fi heroes. Hardy portrayed Max in Mad Max: Fury Road (2015) and Marshall-Green as Charlie Holloway in Prometheus (2012).

They also portrayed long-haired characters — Marshall-Green in Madame Bovary (2014) and Hardy in Minotaur (2006).

Apart from that, the lookalike duo has played blond characters with strikingly similar looks in Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy (Hardy) and Alchemy (Marshall-Green).

Fan Reactions to the Lookalike Situation

There have been several fan reactions for over a decade who have compared the two Hollywood celebrities and even asked if they are related. 

Sharing the portraits of the two actors side by side, a viewer wrote, on Twitter, "If I was directing the Face/off remake I would cast Tom Hardy and Logan Marshall-Green." 

A second person added, "I still don't understand how Tom Hardy and Logan Marshall-Green are two different people. I really don't. This is the same person."

The fans also want to see the two stars portray brotherhood on screen. "Logan Marshall Green and Tom Hardy brother buddy cop movie please and thank you!" a fan tweeted.

Some have even joked if the two have lost roles to each other because of their similar appearances.

"Logan Marshall Green has probably lost roles to Tom Hardy early in their career," a user quipped on Twitter. "Help please I've just learned about this man called Logan Marshall-Green who claims NOT to be Tom Hardy, is this a glitch, does everyone else know about this," another one added.