Tom Hardy is an actor and model best known for playing superhero movies like The Dark Knight Rises and Venom. He has also played in various series like Band of Brothers, Peaky Blinders, and Wuthering Heights

Hardy is an attractive man. It is not just his handsome looks and muscular body but the slew of tattoos adorning his body that people would have to look twice to understand. 

Tom Hardy and His Tattoos

There are around 30 tattoos on his body which Hardy does not regret getting. These questionable designs have a special meaning to him — be it related to memorable moments, people, or losing bets. 

Here is a list of inks decorating Hardy's body and the reason behind it. 

Leo Knows All 

Hardy got 'Leo Knows All' inked after losing a bet to Leonardo DiCaprio. The bet was regarding Oscars, where Hardy believed DiCaprio would not win one for The Revenant

Unfortunately for him, DiCaprio bagged the Academy Award for Best Actor in a Leading Role for the movie, and Hardy had to get the tattoo. However, Hardy was not hesitant to get the ink done, and now it sits on his arm. 

Tattoos For to His Wife, Charlotte Riley

The actor got married to his current wife, Charlotte Riley, in 2014. Since then, he has had two inks dedicated to her. One is 'Charlotte' tattooed on his shoulder, whereas the other is Riley's portrait adorning the left side of his back. 

Leprechaun and Tribal Pattern 

Hardy got his first tattoo when he was 15. He got a leprechaun inked on his right arm as an homage to his Irish heritage. He later covered it with tribal patterns. 

Tattoos Dedicated to His Ex-Wife, Sarah Ward

Hardy has a couple of designs on his body as an ode to his ex-wife Sarah Ward. The pair were married for almost a decade, from 1999 to 2008. 

He has a dragon tattooed on his left biceps that denotes the birth year of Ward. He has also inked 'Till I die SW' on his abdomen in old English font and a 'W' on his right bicep. 

Tattoos Dedicated to His Son, Louis 

Hardy has two tattoos as an ode to his son. He has 'LH' written on his left arm and has a star inked on his left shoulder. He got the star after finding out Rachel Speed was pregnant with Louis. 

Hardy and Speed started dating after the actor's first marriage ended, and the pair were together for four years.

The actor also has 'Figlio mio bellissimo' and 'Padre Fiero,' which means 'My son is gorgeous' and 'Proud Father' respectively, in Italian. 

Marine Corps

Hardy was not in the Marines, but his best friend's father was. Unfortunately, he died while serving for the country.

Therefore, as an homage to him, the actor has 'his Marine Corps number 1338046' written near his collarbone on the right side. 

Lindy King

A woman by the name of Lindy Kind had promised Hardy that she would get him into Hollywood. He had promised back that he would get her name tattooed.

Now, Hardy is one of the most sought-after actors in the industry and has 'Lindy King' etched on his arm.


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Portrait of Madonna 

The actor has a massive body art of Madonna, Jesus' mother, on his body. This symbolizes motherhood and has a deeper meaning in Hardy's life. 

The art denotes the actor "being able to mother" his parents, son, and himself. 


Hardy has a sketch of a Pitbull (the breed, not the singer) on the left side of his back. It is dedicated to his pet, Muzzle. 

Tattoos Dedicated to Movies

The actor has a raven inked on the left side of his chest, dedicated to Mad Max and The Dark Knight Rises. Similarly, he also has an angry wolf on his left forearm, denoting his role in The Revenant.

Other Tattoos

Some other tattoos of Hardy include feathers, Union Jack, birds, cards, skull, sacred heart, crosses, comedy and tragedy masks, and a scorpion, among others.