Liza Lapira is a familiar name in the entertainment industry. Since debuting through Law & Order in 2001, the American actress has bagged multiple roles in a plethora of projects, including Super Fun Night, Unbelievable, Battle Creek, NCIS, and Dexter

Lapira landed prominent roles in The Equalizer and the independent feature The Fabulous Filipino Brothers in 2021 alone

Without question, her career has only progressed over the years. And as the talk of her versatile acting prowess bubbles up, here's what to know about her ethnicity, childhood, career, and relationship status. 

Liza Lapira Possesses Mixed Ethnicity

Lapira is a woman of multiple ancestries. Born on December 3, 1981, she is of Filipino, Spanish, and Chinese descent. 

The details of her parents' origin aren't public knowledge yet, but Lapira has flaunted her adorable bond with her mother multiple times on her Instagram.

On 2020 International Women's Day, the 39-year-old posted a picture of her and her mom. In the caption, she mentioned how she was constantly inspired by her mother's strength, courage, kindness, dignity, and grace. 

Aside from her mother, Lapira also timely features her father and her elder sister on her socials. But, it is still not sure how many siblings she has in her family. 

Liza Lapira Grew up in New York

Lapira was born in Queens, the largest borough in New York. But as she became independent with growing age, she moved to Los Angeles in 2004.

In an interview with Esquire back in 2013, the talented actress shared she came to LA because she was fed up with the winters of New York City.

She elaborated she had road rage during cold weather, and the city gave her precisely the environment she yearned for her entire life. "So I came out here and learned how to drive and everything and I never left," she recounted.


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After that, Lapira recalled that her first favorite thing to do in her new home was karaoke. She shared how she used to be involved in the fun activity when she was less loaded with jobs and further projects.

The Queens native also gushed about her favorite things to do in Los Angeles in another interview with CBS Local's DJ Sixsmith in January 2018. "I love eating," she happily stated, elaborating she loved experiencing new delicacies.

The Equalizer star added she loved the diversity of the city. She remarked how the subway was filled with people of different ethnicities and origins. In her own words, walking around the substation would basically feel like a trip around the world.

Is Liza Lapira Married? 

Lapira is already close to her 40s, but she seems unmarried as of this time of writing. Her social media and interviews are void of any mention of her boyfriend, let alone a husband.


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Probably, the Hollywood compatriot is focused on her blossoming career than her relationship status for the time being.

Having said that, she was once assumed to be dating Sam Rockwell. The dating rumors, however, were never substantiated.

Liza Lapira Worked in Theater before TV

Long before Lapira appeared on TV screens, she had initiated her acting career in theatres. She started with singing but got into musicals during high school.

Following her acting passion, the Super Fun Night actress initially did theatres and finally moved to television projects. In 2017, she starred in Steve Martin's drama, Picasso at the Lapin Agile, at the Old Globe Theatre in San Diego, managing her TV projects.

"I've been living the life beyond my dreams. It's been great," Lapira told Sixsmith in the aforementioned interview. Then, she touched down on her successful career and shared that she was grateful she got given many chances on the professional front.