Lil Wayne has made millions of fans worldwide with his rap songs. But there are also many people who admire his tattoos that are inked all over his body.

Speaking with The Fader's Blaire Monroe in January 2017, the rapper's former tattoo artist, Dow Hokoana, revealed that she tattooed about 300 tattoos on his body, especially around his lower body.

"A tattoo artist who I had never met named Duel had done a couple tattoos on Wayne and had heard that he was looking to find an artist who could basically sign on, kind of as a full-time deal, to tattoo him until he had a complete body suit," she told the publication, answering how Wayne found her.

She continued to share, "He preferred a female because he was doing a complete body suit. Duel, who had seen my work around South Beach, recommended me."


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The Most Iconic Tattoo Dow Hokoana Inked on Lil Wayne

In the interview, Wayne's former tattoo artist said the tattoo of a cloud and a lightning bolt on his cheek, up by his temple, was the most iconic piece she did for him.

She described that the rapper once came to her and pointed to her daughter's book bag, where a lightning bolt was printed. And when she asked if he really wanted that, he customized the design and made the piece.

Hokoana further shared that she loved the tattoos made around his hip:

The one I liked best is on his hip. It’s one that people hardly see, but it wraps the whole side of his hip. It’s of 10 individual Vegas-style showgirls, some are just the head and headdress, some are full bodied. It’s really cool looking.

Dow Hokoana Completed Body Suit for Lil Wayne

Hokoana took some time to complete the bodysuit for Lil Wayne. 

The tattoo artist recalled having a conversation with Wayne about the approximate time to finish the suit.

She said that she had guessed it might take around three years in front of the rapper.


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She eventually took three-and-a-half years to complete the bodysuit that covered every part of his body. 

Lil Wayne's Former Tattoo Artist Also Inked around His Sensitive Areas

During the same conversation, Hokoana admitted to making tattoos around the rapper's sensitive areas, like eye tattoos and tattoos around his crotch.

She said, "Even being a female all you can do is basically hold your own breath while tattooing [that area] because it's just... [makes a painful crying sound]."

She continued to add, "I've done this for a few clients. I'm sure [Wayne] was in pain, but he took it like a G. For real. It was yeeesh. But it happened. It took about 45 minutes. He's a G."

The Rapper Recently Added More Tattoos on His Face

Besides the 300 tattoos made by Hokoana alone, the famed rapper has many other tattoos on his body.

Earlier this year, in March, he reportedly got a few more tattoos on his face, with the help of celebrity tattoo artist Ivana Belakova.

The newest addition was a heartbeat right on top of his forehead.

Belakova, who has tattooed the likes of Chris Brown and Quavo, shared a video of Wayne getting some maintenance work and his new cross tattoo.